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Powers and Functions of the Executive in a State

As the hub around which the wheel of government revolves, the executive is the active force in government. As such, it performs a number of functions and exercises certain powers which are necessary for the survival of the political system. Some of these powers and functions of the executive are explained below.

Limitations on the Powers of the Executive Branch

Limitations on the Powers of the Executive Branch | 1. There is parliamentary control of the executive, especially in a cabinet system of government. The prime minister and his cabinet are responsible to the lower house. That is, they must explain and defend their policies in the house, and if the parliament withdraws its support for the government, the prime minister either resigns or advises the king or president to dissolve parliament in order to seek fresh support through a general election.

Rights, Duties and Obligations of a Citizen

Rights, Duties and Obligations of a Citizen | Citizenship confers both rights and duties on a citizen. Since the citizen enjoys all the rights provided by his state, it follows that he is obliged to perform certain duties and obligation to the state in return. This is because every right or privilege entails a responsibility.

Difference Between a Citizen and Non Citizen

A citizen is defined as a legal member of a state with full constitutional or legal rights in the country in which he or she resides. While an alien or a non-citizen is any individual who is not a national of a State in which he or she is present.

Rights and Obligations of Government in a State

Just as citizens have certain rights, duties and obligations, a government also enjoys a number of rights and performs certain obligations.

It is, however, more appropriate to talk about the obligations rather than the duties of government, as it may be difficult to compel a government to discharge its responsibility to the Citizens.

Citizenship By Birth In Nigeria

Citizenship By Birth In Nigeria | Most of the citizens of any modern state are citizens by birth. As long as a person does not forfeit the citizenship of his country of origin, he remains a citizen of that country.