The Development Of Major Political Parties In Nigeria

This article deals primarily with the political parties of the First, Second, Third and Fourth Republics of Nigeria. Unlike the nationalist parties of the colonial era whose primary objective was decolonisation, the overriding objective of the post-independence parties was to win political power.

Euro Zone (Euro Area) Definition, Features, Countries

The euro area is a monetary union. In order to have a monetary union, there must be a situation in which at least two countries share the same official currency. In the euro area, this requirement is met. In other words, more than two countries have the euro as their official currency. Specifically, there are 19 states.

Gross Value Added (GVA) Definition & Analysis

Gross Value Added, known by its acronym GVA, is a macroeconomic magnitude that measures the total value created by a sector, country or region. That is, the value of the set of goods and services that are produced in a country during a period of time, discounting indirect taxes and intermediate consumption.

Zygmunt Bauman: Biography, Career, Age (1927 – 2017)

Zygmunt Bauman (1927-2017) was a Polish sociologist, thinker, teacher and writer, one of the most critical voices in contemporary society. He created the expression “Liquid Modernity” to classify the fluidity of the world where individuals no longer have a standard of reference.

Zé Ramalho – Biography, Age, Career

Zé Ramalho – Biography, Career, Songs (Brazil) Biography of Zé Ramalho Zé Ramalho (1949) is a Brazilian singer and composer, one of the great voices of the Northeastern generation of the 70s. José Ramalho Neto…

Pollution: Definition, Types & Causes

Pollution – Definition Types, Causes & Consequences Pollution is a phenomenon that affects the environment when materials that are not its own are introduced into it. If these materials or substances accumulate to the point of…

Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers: Causes, Impact & Reasons

The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers was one of the most striking of the global financial crisis that began in 2008. In fact, the collapse of this bank is considered, by many analysts, as the starting point of the crisis.

However, other banks had already fallen during 2007, although it is true that their size was smaller. One of the most important characteristics of this bankruptcy was that, contrary to what was done in other cases, such as Northern Rock in the United Kingdom, or Bear Stearns in the United States of America, the governments did not allocate public money to rescue the entity from the collapse.

Checks and Balances: Parliamentary Government

The principle of checks and balances is not well developed under the cabinet system of government largely because the three branches of government perform overlapping functions, and are so interconnected that it is diflicult to separate one from the other.

As said before, the Lord Chancellor in Britain straddles the three arms of government. As such, the three arms of government are more or less one, and cannot, in reality, exercise effective control over one another.