Difference Between Anabolism and Catabolism

Anabolism and catabolism are the parts into which metabolism is divided. The anabolism is a synthesis reaction where energy is consumed. The catabolism is a decomposition reaction in which energy is released. Although they are two different processes, they work in a coordinated way.

Difference Between Flora and Fauna

Flora refers to plant species, while fauna is the term used to categorize animals. Although flora and fauna exist in almost the entire world, each set of plant and animal species responds to specific characteristics according to the geographical and climatic conditions of the region in which they develop, therefore, they are organisms that have evolved and adapted to their environment.

Pollution: Definition, Types & Causes

Pollution - Definition Types, Causes & Consequences Pollution is a phenomenon that affects the environment when materials that are not its own are introduced into it. If these materials or substances accumulate to the point of causing damage to the ecosystem, we are talking about environmental pollution. The polluting materials can be...

Branches of Physics | Definition & Functions

The branches of physics are the different areas or fields of study of physics. Physics is the science that is responsible for explaining everything that happens in the Universe, that is why it covers a great diversity of areas such as movement, forces, radiation, energy, among others.
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