Complaint – Definition, Types, Effects & Requirements

Complaint - Definition, Types, Effects & Requirements What is a Complaint? A complaint is a letter that informs the authorities of a criminal action accusing the person who has committed the crime and for which the criminal process is initiated. The complaint is a right that the victim has. This document serves two functions: Inform...

Zollverein – Meaning, History, Advantages, German Economy

Created in 1834, Zollverein was an economic organization by German termed as a customs union under Prussian leadership. Numerous German states joined forces to create a free trade zone and establish customs tariffs against third countries.

Anthropocentrism: Definition, Origin, Pros & Cons

Anthropocentrism is a philosophical doctrine that conceives the human being and his interests as the center of the entire universe. Under his conception, the rest of living beings are subject to the interests, needs and well-being of human beings.

Anglicanism: Definition, History & Beliefs

Anglicanism is a Christian religious doctrine derived from Catholicism, which began in England during the 16th century. Its founder was King Henry VIII (1509 - 1547), who, in the context of the Protestant Reformation, separated England from the authority of the Roman Church, for political and personal reasons.

Communist Manifesto: Definition & Summary

The communist manifesto is the basic document of communist thought, made up of the thoughts of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels on political, economic and sociological matters. In it the pillars of both original Socialism and Marxism are embodied.

Utopian Socialism: Definition, Features & Problem

Definition of Utopian Socialism What is Utopian Socialism? Utopian socialism was an ideal of thought established by Robert Owen, Saint-Simon and Charles Fourier. The  utopian socialism aimed to the creation of an ideal society, which would be achieved peacefully, thanks to the goodwill of the bourgeoisie. The name 'utopian socialism' came from the word...
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