Party Manifesto | Definition & Importance

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Party Manifesto | Definition + (4 Major Importance of Political Parties Manifestoes)

Party Manifesto
Party Manifesto

A party manifesto may be defined as the cardinal plans or programme of a political party which the party intends to fulfill to the electorate if it is elected into power.

It can also be referred to as the aims and objectives of a political party.

Importance of a Political Party Manifestoes

  • What to do and how to do it: It gives direction to the party’s programme of action and or ideology and stipulates how to achieve them.
  • Manifesto acts as magnetic pull: Party manifesto is usually amagnetic pull to the electorate i.e. to attract more members or supporters into the party.
  • It educates the electorate: Manifesto educates the electorate to have insight into the aims and objectives and planned programmes of the political party.
  • Assessment: Party Manifestos helps the electorate to assess the party on the basis of the contents of the manifesto.
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