Nigerian Advance Party (NAP)

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Nigerian Advance Party (NAP) – Formation, Failures & Achievements

Nigerian Advance Party (NAP)
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Formation of Nigerian Advance Party (NAP)

The Nigerian Advance Party (NAP) was one of the political parties denied registration by FEDECO in 1978. It was registered on 24th May, 1982 and its registration was seen by the Opposition as a ploy by the ruling NPN government to undermine the dominance of the UPN in the South-Westem states.

The Nigerian Advance Party (NAP) itself had earlier been formed on 28th September, 1978 by a politically-active Lagos lawyer, Dr. Tunji Braithwaite.

Objectives of Nigerian Advance Party (NAP)

The party, in its manifesto released in 1978 promised to eradicate all rats and mosquitoes, a euphemism for oppressors of the masses in Nigeria. But when it was registered in 1982, the party had broadened its programme using the following acronyms.

  • YES. – Youniversal Electrification System
  • FLOWFull Level of Water
  • READRevolutionary Education for Development
  • HIPHealth Insurance Policy

Achievements of Nigerian Advance Party (NAP) 

The NAP was quite persistent in its demand for registration as a political party and this yielded good result in 1982 when it was registered as a political party.

Moreover, its commitment to socialist transformation of Nigeria was a refreshing experience in a political system largely dominated by ultra conservative and right wing parties which had no known agenda for the development of the country.

Problems of the Nigerian Advance Party (NAP)

Unfortunately, the party never had the opportunity to put into practice its socialist rhetorics. Its performance in the 1983 elections was very poor at all levels. For example, NAP did not win any elective post in all the elections conducted throughout the federation in 1983.

Several factors accounted for the poor performance of Nigerian Advance PartyNAP. For one, the party had a highly centralized and personalist structure. Besides the founder of NAP, Dr. Tunji Braithwaith and the other party officials were relatively unknown. The running of the party centered around the founder of the party. The Nigerian Advance Party was, in popular parlance, a “one man’s show”.

Its poor outing was also attributed to its superficial basis and leadership structure. Moreover, most of the supporters were young elements who lacked pedigree.

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