How to Use Facebook Reels to Increase Your Business Reach and Sales

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Everyone knows that Facebook is still one of the most popular social networking sites and almost everyone who is in business has a profile there. But did you know that it only takes a few seconds to upload your video as a Reel? This article will teach you everything you need to know about Facebook Reels, and how to use them for your business.

The world of social media has completely changed the way we interact with people. In the past, if you wanted to get the word out about your business, you had to invest money into print ads or other advertisements. Nowadays, almost everyone with an internet connection has some sort of social media account.

However, just because someone follows you on Instagram or likes your posts on Facebook doesn’t mean they’re going to buy from you. That’s why it’s important to think about how you can use these sites in order to promote your company and attract new customers.

If you’re not using Facebook Reels to help your business, you’re missing out on a unique opportunity to grow your brand. With more than 2 billion monthly users and plenty of potential customers, Facebook is the ideal place for businesses to expand their reach.

Reels are a relatively new feature that can increase visibility, drive sales, and improve your brand image. Using this guide, you’ll learn how to use Facebook Reels to help your business succeed in today’s digital world.

What is a Facebook Reel?

A Facebook Reel is a short, 15-second video that you can post on your business’ Facebook page. A Reel can be an advertisement, an explainer video, or an educational video. It can also be a combination of all three, allowing you to maximize the potential of the Reel. Facebook Reels are similar to TV commercials in that they’re short, attention-grabbing clips that encourage people to take action.

Unlike static ads, however, Reels include motion, sound, and narration to increase engagement and generate leads. When choosing a design, consider the type of message you want to send and how it ties into your brand.

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Your Reel should be short and snappy while still conveying the desired message. You can also include an end card that gives viewers a call to action, such as Sign up for our newsletter, visit our website, or purchase a product.

Why Should You Use Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels are effective for a variety of reasons, including increased visibility, better engagement, and increased sales.

  • Visibility – Facebook Reels are displayed in news feeds, which are visited by more than 1 billion people daily.
  • Ease of use – Facebook Reels are easy to create, making them a great choice for beginners.
  • Higher click-through rate – Facebook Reels have a higher click-through rate than static ads and standard videos, making them more effective for increasing sales.
  • Higher brand engagement – Facebook Reels increase brand engagement because they’re more engaging than static ads.
  • Higher brand awareness – Facebook Reels help boost brand awareness because they’re more memorable than static ads.

How to Create a Facebook Reel

Before you can start using Facebook Reels, you’ll need to create one. Here are some tips for creating an effective Facebook Reel:

  • The right length – Facebook Reels should be short, so keep your message short and sweet. 15 seconds is optimal, although it’s fine to go a little over if you have a lot to say.
  • The right content – Your Reel should inform viewers and drive them to take action. It should have a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  • The right design – Your Reel design should be eye-catching and appropriate for your business.
  • The right audio – Make sure your Reel has clear audio so viewers can understand your message.

How to Publish a Facebook Reel

After creating your Reel, you’ll need to publish it. Here are some tips for publishing your Reel:

  • When to publish – You can publish your Reel at any time, but it’s best to publish during peak hours of engagement like early mornings and weekends.
  • Where to publish – You can publish your Reel on your page or any page you manage, such as a crowdfunding campaign.
  • How many times to publish – You can publish your Reel multiple times, but it’s important to vary the times so you don’t overwhelm your followers.
  • How long to publish – You can set a Reel to play once or loop. Looping is ideal for lead generation, but once is better for branding.

How to Find the Right Audience for Your Reel

Before you create your Reel, you’ll need to decide on your audience. Your ideal customer is someone who is interested in your product or service and will likely become a customer. Here are some tips for finding the right audience for your Reel:

  • Facebook groups – Facebook groups are a great place to find potential customers. Start by joining groups that are relevant to your business and either invite people to join your group or start a conversation.
  • Interests of friends and followers – You can also target the interests of your friends and followers to expand your reach. You can do this by creating lookalike audiences based on your existing customers or running Facebook ads with a reel creatives.

Facebook Ads Using Reel creatives

If you’ve tried posting Reels on your page and they aren’t bringing in leads, you may want to try running Facebook ads with Reel creatives. Facebook ads are cost-effective ways to reach new customers, and using them with Reel creatives can really help boost engagement and click-through rates.

What’s more, you can use Facebook pixel to track engagement with your ads and target even more effectively. Here are some tips for using Facebook ads with Reel creatives:

  • Targeting – Select your target audience based on interests, demographics, and psychographics. You can also use lookalike audiences based on your existing customers.
  • Ad types – Try different ad types to determine which is most effective. Static images, video, and carousel ads all work well with Reel creatives.
  • Advanced options – Use the advanced options to further target your audience. You can do this by adding a URL to your ad, creating a custom audience, and using the conversion pixel.
  • Bid – Keep your bid low but high enough to get your ad in front of the right people.

How to use Reels to drive sales and increase brand awareness

After choosing a Reel and targeting the right audience, it’s time to start using your Reel. Here are some tips for using your Reel:

  • Timing – Post your Reel at a time when people will be most likely to engage with it. This can depend on the type of Reel; for example, weekends are a good time to post entertaining Reels.
  • Sharing – Share your Reel multiple times to increase engagement and drive sales. Share it on your page and on groups where your audience hangs out.

Facebook Reel Benefits

There are many benefits to using Facebook Reels, including increased brand awareness, improved engagement, and higher sales. Here are a few ways Facebook Reels can benefit your business.

  • Increased brand awareness – Facebook Reels are more memorable than static ads, meaning they can help boost brand awareness.
  • More engaging – Because they include sound and movement, Facebook Reels are more engaging than static ads.
  • Increased engagement – Facebook Reels can help you generate leads, increase engagement, and drive sales.
  • Better click-through rate – Facebook Reels have higher click-through rates than standard videos, helping you generate more leads and sales.
  • More effective – Facebook Reels are more effective for generating leads than static ads and standard videos.
  • Better conversion rates – Facebook Reels have higher conversion rates than standard videos.
  • Easier to create – Facebook Reels are easier to create than standard videos.

Can we earn from Facebook reels?

Yes. According to facebook, they are creating a variety of opportunities for creators to earn money for their reels. Interestingly, facebook Reels Play bonus program which is part of their $1 billion creator investment will pays eligible creators up to $35,000 a month based on the views of their qualifying reels.

How do I get more reach on my reels on Facebook?

To get more reach on your facebook reels, you will need to search for trending hashtags and use. Also share it within big pages and facebook groups.

Can you post a reel on a Facebook business page?

Yes. However, it is important to bear in mind that Facebook Reels are public by default and reels from business or creator pages can only post publicly. You will need to locate and tap Share Reel to publish your reel.

How can I promote my business with reels?

How to promote your business using reels is pretty simple and easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Click the plus icon.
  • Choose your media.
  • Edit your footage.
  • Add an audio clip, voiceover and visual effects.
  • Add a caption and tag users.
  • Tag a paid partnership (if applicable)
  • Publish your Reel.


Facebook Reels are a powerful way to grow your business and engage with potential customers. Before creating your Reel, you’ll want to decide what message you want to send and how it ties into your brand.

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