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Difference Between Local Government and Local Administration

Difference Between Local Government and Local Administration

The terms local government and local administration are sometimes used interchangeably, but they mean different things. A local government is a government at the local level established by law to exercise specific powers within defined areas while Local administration is the governing of a local area by local agents who are appointed by, and responsible to, the central (state) government.

Difference Between Parliamentary and Presidential System of Government

Difference Between Parliamentary and Presidential System of Government

A presidential government is one in which there is an executive president,  with all executive powers and who combines the office of the of state and head of government while a parliamentary system of government, a clear distinction is made between the head of the state and the head of government. Here, the head of the state. King or Queen in Britain or President in India possesses nominal or titular authority whereas the real authority rests with the government of which the Prime Minister is the head.

Difference Between Objective and Subjective

Objective and subjective are two different words used to rate the way reality are been describe. Objective could be termed as anything related to object and its reality while subjective, on the other hand, is related to the observing subject and the way of perceiving the reality of an object.

Differences Between Growth and Development

The growth is an increase or increased somewhat and development indicates a transformation or evolution. In general, development is the result of sustained growth, which can lead to confusion between the two terms; however, there may be growth without associated development.

Difference Between Centralisation and Decentralisation

The principles of centralization and decentralization are more or less two sides of the same coin. While centralization holds that it is possible to improve administrative effectiveness by concentrating decision-making in one coordinating body, decentralization, on the other hand, states that decision-making can only be enhanced by delegating decision-making to lower level governments of subordinate units.

Difference Between Trade and Profession

A trade is a work activity that is generally linked to manual or artisan processes that do not require formal studies while a profession is a work activity that requires specialized academic training. The differences between trade and profession has to do with the level of studies required in each case.