Federal Character Principle | Definition | Politics | Federalism

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Federal Character Principle | Definition | Politics | Federalism

Federal Character Principle | Definition | Politics | Federalism

Federal character is nothing but an official term for ethnic, religious and regional balance in resource allocation, ministerial and other key appointments in government and enrolment of students in schools.

It can also be referred to as the distribution of amemtles and resources/appointments, based on quota system to be applied in the three tiers of government in the country e.g. political appointments, admission into tertiary institutions, location of iron/ steel mills and location of unity secondary schools, etc.

Factors that Determine the Introduction of Federal Character

  • Diversity in religion, ethnic size, ethnic values, education, econo-r‘nic resources, etc.
  • Uneven development: there is disparity in educational, political and economic development in Nigeria.
  • There is discrimination on the basis of education, religion, ethnic affinity, etc.
  • Fear of domination of the minority groups by the majority.
  • Inability of political leaders to translate unity in diversity into reality.
  • Appointment to promote unity, ensure stability and sense of belonging.
  • Unhealthy struggle for a lion’s share of the national cake.
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