Zeca Pagodinho – Biography, Age, Music, Career

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Zeca Pagodinho – Biography, Age, Music, Career, Awards, Brazil

Zeca Pagodinho - Biography, Age, Music, Career
Zeca Pagodinho

Biography of Zeca Pagodinho

Zeca Pagodinho (1959) is a Brazilian singer and composer, one of the great highlights of the samba and pagode genre. Her biggest hits are: Judia de Mim, Vai Vadiar, Let Life Take Me and Let It Lighten.

Jessé Gomes da Silva Filho, known as Zeca Pagodinho, was born in Irajá, Rio de Janeiro, on February 4, 1959. He was the fourth child of the couple Jessé and Irineia, who had five children.

He was raised in Del Castilho and studied until the fourth grade. He started to like samba through contacts with samba musicians from the Rio de Janeiro suburbs and changed the school for samba circles.

In the 70s, he earned a little money working as a marketer and an animal game recorder. He was always present in the samba circles in the neighborhoods of Irajá, Del Castilho.

Zeca Pagodinho Music Career

Together with flutist and composer Cláudio Camunguela, Zeca Pagodinho had his first song recorded. The song “Amargura”, which entered the repertoire of the Fundo de Quintal group.

In 1981, Beth Carvalho met Zeca, at Cacique de Ramos, and invited him to participate in her album “Suor no Rosto” (1983, when they did a duet on the samba “Camarão que Dorme a Onda Leva”, written by Zeca and Arlindo Cruz and Beto Without Arm.

Zeca Pagodinho

In 1982, the song “Castelo de Areia” by Zeca and Arlindo was recorded by Fundo de Quintal. In 1985, RGE invited Zeca to record the compilation “Raça Brasileira”, together with Jovelina Pérola Negra, among other singers.

 Zeca Pagodinho : Solo Music Career

In 1986, Zeca Pagodinho recorded his first solo album, “Zeca Pagodinho”, which was successful with the songs: “Judia de Mim” and “Coração em Desalinho” and “Brincadeira Tem Hora”. The LP is considered a high-party masterpiece. The song “Judia de Mim” was the soundtrack of the soap opera “Hypertension”.

In 1988, for RCA, Zeca recorded “Jeito Moleque”, with several of his compositions. He then released: “Boêmio Feliz” (1989), “Mania da Gente” (1990), “Pixote” (1991), “Um dos Poetas do Samba” (1992) and “Alô, Mundo” (1993).

In 1996 he signed with Universal and in the same year he released the LP “Deixa Clarear”, which was a great success with the title song.

In 1999 he released the CD “Zeca Pagodinho ao Vivo”, which sold more than half a million copies. The following year, he released the album “Água da Minha Sede”.

The song “Alto Lá”, composed in partnership with Sombrinha and Arlindo Cruz, was the theme of the soap opera O Clone, and the song “Jura”, written by Sinhô, was the theme of the soap opera “O Cravo ea Rosa”.

In 2002, Zeca released the CD “Deixa a Vida Me Levar”, which had the participation of Velha Guarda da Portela. The title track written by Serginho Meriti and Eri do Cais and “Caviar” was a great success. The CD won the Latin Grammy for Best Samba Album.

Zeca Pagodinho

But the peak of his career came in 2003, when he recorded a DVD and CD for an MTV special. He was one of the first to sing samba acoustically. The album “Acústico MTV” was one of the best sellers, being re-released in 2006.

In 2007 the ZecaPagodiscos label was created, in partnership with music producer Max Pierre, who produced the CD and DVD “Cidade do Samba”. This work was distributed by EMI and was recorded in partnership with famous artists such as Martinho da Vila, Ivan Lins, Gilberto Gil and Jair Rodrigues.

In 2008, Zeca released his 19th album “Uma Prova de Amor” also produced by Rildo Hora. In 2010 he released “Vida da Minha Vida”, which had the special participation of Nelson Sargento.

In 2011, the song “Puxa”, by Gilson de Souza, was included in the soundtrack of the soap opera “Insensato Coração.

Also in 2011, Universal Music released the compilation “Zeca Pagodinho ao Vivo Com Amigos” on CD and DVD, bringing together Jorge Aragão, Almir Guineto, Luiz Melodia, Jorge Bem Jor, Martinho da Vila, among others.

In 2014 the “Sambabook Zeca Pagodinho” was released, in double CD, DVD and Blu-Ray format, by the ZecaPagodiscos label, in celebration of the singer’s 30-year career.

In 2016, Zeca participated in the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics, at Maracanã Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, when he sang “Deixa a Vida Me Levar”, which had rap intervention by Marcelo D2.

Zeca Pagodinho

In 2019, Zeca celebrated his 60th birthday with a party in Cidade do Samba, in Rio de Janeiro, alongside his family, friends and artists who have become his lifelong partners.

Also in 2019, he released the CD “Mais Feliz”, dedicated to his partner Arlindo Cruz. The album featured Teresa Cristina in the re-recording of “O Sol Nascerá”, by Cartola and Elton Medeiros.

Zeca Pagodinho Personal Life

Zeca Pagodinho is married to Mônica Silva and has four children.

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