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Zé Ramalho – Biography, Career, Songs (Brazil)

Zé Ramalho
Zé Ramalho

Biography of Zé Ramalho

Zé Ramalho (1949) is a Brazilian singer and composer, one of the great voices of the Northeastern generation of the 70s.

José Ramalho Neto was born in Brejo da Cruz, Paraíba, on October 3, 1944. Son of Antônio De Pádua Ramalho, a serenader, and Estelita Torres Ramalho, a primary school teacher. At the age of 2, he lost his father and were raised by his grandparents, José and Soledade Alves Ramalho. In 1960 he moved with his family to the city of João Pessoa. He studied at the best schools in the city and started a medical course.

Zé Ramalho Career

Zé Ramalho began his artistic career writing string verse. He sang in ensembles inspired by the Jovem Guarda and the English Rock. In 1974, he had a song of his own included in the film’s soundtrack: Nordeste, Cordel, Repente e Canção, by Tania Quaresma. In 1975 he released the album “Paebiru”, in partnership with Lula Cortes. Soon he was playing in Alceu Valença’s band. That same year, he participated in the “Abertura” festival, when he sang the song “Vou Danado Pra Catende” with Alceu Valença.

In 1976 he moved to Rio de Janeiro. In 1977 he recorded his first solo album, entitled “Zé Ramalho”, which included the song Avôhai, composed in honor of his grandfather, as well as “Chão de Giz” and “Bicho de Sete Cabeças”. His work was praised by critics and was a success in sales. Zé Ramalho won the award for Best New Artist from the Brazilian Association of Record Producers.

In 1979, Zé Ramalho released his second solo album, which was a great success with the songs “Admirável Gado Novo” and “Frevo Mulher”. In 1980 he moved to Fortaleza, where he wrote the poetry book “Carne de Pescoço”. He then released the albums “Terceira Lâmina” (1981), “Força Verde” (1982), “Orquídia Negra” (1983).

Zé Ramalho Songs

Zé Ramalho gained great prominence by having his songs included in the soundtracks of several soap operas, among them: “Mistério da Meia Noite” – Roque Santeiro (1985), “Oh Pecador” – De Quina Pra Lua – (1986), “Entre a Serpent and the Road” – Stone on Stone (1992), “Sensual” – Wounded Beast (1998), “Prophets” – The End of the World (1996), “Admirable Gado Novo” – O Rei do Gado (1996), “ Avohai” – A Indomada (1999) and Eita Mundo Bom (2016).

Zé Ramalho Successes

In 2000, the success was repeated with the album “Nação Nordestina” and was nominated for the “Grammy Award for Best Regional or Brazilian Roots Music Album”. The success followed with the release of albums that honored several singers, among them: “Zé Ramalho Sings Raul Seixas” (2001), “Zé Ramalho Sings Bob Dylan” (2008), “Zé Ramalho Sings Luiz Gonzaga” (2009), “Zé Ramalho Sings Jackson do Pandeiro” (2010) and “Zé Ramalho Sings the Beatles” (2011).

In 2014, he launched in partnership with Fagner, “Fagner & Zé Ramalho ao Vivo”. On August 12, 2016, the singer celebrated the Box “Ze Ramalho voz e viola” – 40 years of music with a show at Concha Acústica at Teatro Castro Alves, in Salvador. In May 2018, the composer performed at Teatro Guararapes , in Recife, where he celebrated 40 years of his career, with the show “Zé Ramalho” Voz e Violão – 40 years of music”, which was launched, in box, in 2016.

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