United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA)

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United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA) – Formation, Achievements, Failures, Aims and Objectives

United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA)
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United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA)

Like the Nigerian National Alliance (NNA), the United Progressives Grand Alliance (UPGA) was formed in 1964. The parties that formed the alliance were the NCNC, Action Group, NEPU, UMBC and a number of other small parties. Dr. Michael Okpara of the NCNC and Premier of Eastern Region was the leader of UPGA. The party which claimed to have a progressive outlook was supposed to be a counterfoil to the NNA.

Objectives of United Progressives Grand Alliance (UPGA)

The major aim of UPGA was to restructure the Nigerian federation through state creation. UPGA also proposed that recruitment and promotion of members of the armed forces would be based strictly on merit and qualification.

Achievements of United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA)

United Progressive Grand Alliance, UPGA was able to provide an umbrella for the progressives in the country and became a formidable opposition to the NNA.

Problems of United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA)

The party lost woefully in the 1964 federal elections even in its stronghold in Western Nigeria. Of the 312 seats in the House of Representatives, the UPGA won 105 seats (the NCNC won 84 seats and Action Group won 21). The loss brought to the fore, once again the inability of the Nigerian progressives to overcome their organizational weakness and pettiness.

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