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Treaty of Verdun: Definition, History & Consequences

The Treaty of Verdun was a treaty signed in August 843 AD by the descendants of the Emperor Charlemagne, after the death of his son Luis, the Pious. The objective of this was to end the succession struggles between the grandsons of Charlemagne, Lotario, Luis and Carlos, for the Crown of the Carolingian Empire.
Carolingian Empire

Carolingian Empire: History, Economy & Characteristics

The Carolingian Empire was a state of the Early Middle Ages, founded by the Frankish King Charlemagne, who ruled it between 768 and 814. The foundations of this empire were laid by his father, Pepin the Short, who in 751 overthrew the last king of the Frankish dynasty of the Merovingians. The new monarch was crowned by Pope Stephen II, who granted him the right to hereditary succession.