The Royalist Army: Meaning, History & Characteristics

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The Royalist Army

Army of Royalists: Group of soldiers who defended the Spanish monarchy and its crown.

The Royalist Army
The Royalist Army

Who were the Royalists Army?

The royalist army, or royalists, was a military group, composed of European soldiers and American soldiers, who during the revolutionary period of America (1808-1833) fought to defend the Spanish Empire, its Spanish monarchy and its crown.

This army was present mainly in South America and was the first group to oppose the revolutionary periods of the Spanish-American countries and their leaders.

Characteristics of The Royalist Army

The main characteristics of the royal army were the following:

  • They defended the Spanish monarchy.
  • They opposed the independence movements in the Spanish-American countries.
  • They promoted the intervention of the Spanish crown in various countries.
  • They were the defenders and representatives of the homeland of Spain in the countries of America.
  • They did not officially respond to the Spanish Empire, but arose as a makeshift organization in America.

Who did the Royalists Oppose?

The royalists opposed anyone who attacked the Spanish crown. Thus, when the independence revolutions occurred in America, they were the first to rebel against them.

There are many nations that were in the presence of royalist groups, defenders of the Spanish intervention.

Realistic Army Chiefs

Among the most prominent characters of the realistic army, we can mention the following:

  • Santiago Antonio María de Liniers y Bremond (1753-1810): Soldier of the nobility and viceroy of the Río de la Plata between 1807 and 1809.
  • José Fernando de Abascal y Sousa (1743-1821): Military and politician of the nobility, viceroy of Peru between 1806 and 1816, and Marquis of the Spanish Concord of Peru.
  • Pablo Morillo (1775-1837): Spanish sailor and military man who participated in the Spanish Reconquest campaign in South America, within the framework of the Spanish-American wars for independence.
  • Félix María Calleja del Rey Bruder Losada Campaño y Montero de Espinosa (1753-1828): Spanish military and politician, superior political leader of New Spain in 1813 and viceroy of New Spain who participated in the war for the Independence of Mexico.
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