Rights and Obligations of Government in a State

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Rights and Obligations of Government in a State

Just as citizens have certain rights, duties and obligations, a government also enjoys a number of rights and performs certain obligations.

Rights and Obligations of Government in a State

It is, however, more appropriate to talk about the obligations rather than the duties of government, as it may be difficult to compel a government to discharge its responsibility to the Citizens.

Indeed, the obligations of government to citizens are generally not justiceable as they are difficult to enforce in a court of law.

What are the rights and obligations of a government ?

Rights Of Government

The rights of a government include the following:

  1. The government has the power to make laws for the good of the whole country. In a democratic state, any law made by the Legislature is binding on all citizens and institutions.
  2. It maintains law and order through the law enforcement agencies.
  3. It defends the country against both internal and external attacks through the Army, Navy and Air Force.
  4. Government protects lives and properties.
  5. It controls all the mineral resources of the country. For example, solid minerals and oil are in the exclusive legislative list in Nigeria.

Obligations Of Government

The government has obligations to:

  1. Ensure the security and welfare of the people.
  2. Promote the even development of all parts of the country.
  3. Build a nation where the people have a sense of belonging.
  4. Encourage the citizens to participate in the government of their country.
  5. Protect the interest of the people at all times whether at home or abroad.
  6. Make education and health facilities accessible to all citizens.
  7. Ensure that the people have equal rights and opportunities.
  8. Facilitate the economic development of the country by providing necessary infrastructure and social amenities.
  9. Promote aspects of the culture that are attuhed to development.
  10. Ensure the application of the federal character and quota Principies in recruitment to public offices though this should not be at the expense of merit.
  11. Protect the interest of the country at all times.
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