Moral Values – Definition, Examples, Types & Concepts

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Moral Values – Definition, Examples, Types & Concepts | Economics

Moral Values
Moral Values – Economics Term

Moral values are those values that a person is acquired based on their experience. Those rules or behavioural modes are inherited and transmitted by society to citizens. In addition, they determine how to behave directly or indirectly.

Morale values reside in a person, but have been transmitted over the years. Specifically through the experiences and situations that an individual has lived. Therefore, it is society that in the end transmits them and determines as a whole.

Moral values are essential to be able to differentiate what is good for what is not Sometimes, moral values and ethical values can be confused, but they are different. The first are the ones that a person is acquiring and are related to the society in which he lives, the seconds with his own way of thinking. Therefore, moral values will always be guided and determined by society itself They are acquired in childhood through parents, teachers and experiences that go live throughout life.

5 Most Outstanding Moral Values

These are some of the most outstanding moral values that exist:

  • It is a very desired moral value in society and encourages social and personal relationships. For example, sharing a meal with someone without pretending that person invites us on another certain occasion.
  • Tolerance: is the ability to accept all those opinions or regulations that move away from what one thinks. A person does not have to coincide with the way of Jesus’ opinion. However, he is able to respect his way of thinking and accept it without any criticism for it.
  • Loyalty: Loyalty is determined by the laws that manage fidelity and honor. Being loyal to someone is to support it, respect it and have a certain affection. For example, the Working team was loyal with his captain and left with him after being dismissed from But this does not mean that we can not trust and value us. On the contrary, only someone humble can have enough confidence enough to face great challenges, because it is known oneself.
  • Honesty: is that value that drives us to be honest and righteous with However, there are many ways to be sincere, so communication is fundamental. Honesty is incompatible with respect.

Examples of Moral Values

That person received an indecent sum of money, thanks to the lottery draw. He decided to distribute part of his earnings with the most needy of his neighborhood.

This is an example of moral value, specifically we talk about the generosity of an individual. This person does not seek anything in return, what he wants is to share something he has achieved and that he will also help other people who are extremely needed.

Another example would be honesty. An insurance seller offers us a car insurance. We want an insurance with certain coverages but it turns out to be more expensive. However, the insurance broker offers us a better option, more adapted to our needs and at a lower price. Even, even if he earn a minor commission. It is an example of honesty.

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