Kritarchy: Definition & Features of Kritocracy

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Meaning of Kritarchy

The concept of ‘kritarchy‘ emanated from the Greek words: ‘krités‘ meaning judge and ‘arche‘ meaning principle. The concept was formally coined by the English author Roben Southey in 1844. Kritarchy is a form of political system where all panics enjoy equal justice.

Kritarchy: Definition & Features
Kritarchy – Kritocracy

Kritarchy as a form of political system also upholds natural rights of the people as sancrosact. It is a system in which justice is seen as the highest principle through which peaceful co-existence and development can be guaranteed.

Kritarchy, in actual sene does not operate exclusively on its own but it manifests itself in some larger political systems like monarchy, oligarchy and hierarchy. It has principle of justice as its driving force.

This political system is so unique that every member of the society where it is being operated considers himself/herself as enforcer and officer of the law. In this case, maintenance of law and justice is the property of all the members of the given society.

Therefore, nobody will enjoy exclusive rights under kritarchy rule, which do not fall within the purvew of natural law. What we are trying to point out, here, is that every member of the society becomes judicial or police officer without any compulsion, but according to his wishes and will.

It is imponant to know that the opposite of Kritarchy is Krytocracy.

Features of Kritarchy

  • The supremacy of socio-justice;
  • Equal administration of justice in the allocation of political positions;
  • Respect for the fundamental human rights of the people; and
  • No cumpulsion on people in carrying om their civil duties
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