How To Verify Your Twitter Account

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Here’s how to apply for Twitter account verification

You want to become Twitter verified, then. For your benefit, there is now a formal mechanism to accomplish that.

Twitter said on Thursday that users can reapply to obtain the coveted blue check that has been the subject of so much controversy over the years. Although the procedure is straightforward, it can be difficult to determine whether your account satisfies the social media juggernaut’s requirements.

Before you get overly enthusiastic, remember that while Twitter claims to have begun rolling out the application process on Thursday, it also stated in a press call on Wednesday that it might take a few weeks for the application to be accessible to everyone. Therefore, if you haven’t seen the option yet, don’t lose heart; it will eventually appear.

Let’s move on now that that thing is out of the way.

Go to Settings and privacy > Account > Request verification > Start Request to request Twitter account verification on a mobile device.

When you get there, you’ll have to respond to a number of inquiries regarding your account. Do your account’s six major categories, for instance, fit within the ones that Twitter is now verifying?

These consist of:

  1. Activist, organizer, or influencer
  2. Company, brand, or organization
  3. Entertainers and entertainment groups
  4. Government official or affiliate
  5. Journalists or news organizations
  6. Professional sports or e-sports entity

After deciding which category best describes you, you will be prompted for more information. According to the hypothetical professional player Twitter gave reporters on Wednesday, they could send an official link to a club roster that included them.

You will then be given the option to select an identity verification method. Government-issued identification, an official email address, or a website that “directly references your Twitter account” will all be accepted by Twitter.

For individuals who don’t want to transmit a copy of their government-issued IDs to Twitter, this is fantastic. Use your verified email instead to demonstrate that you are who you claim you are. If you want to demonstrate that you are the professional athlete stated before, for instance, you could provide your email address, [email protected], as evidence.

When you’ve finished, you’ll get a screen with a summary of all your data and an option to press “Submit.”

Hit “Submit.”

That’s it (at least on your end).

Within one to four weeks, depending on how many people are in front of you in the line, you will receive an email informing you of Twitter’s choice. Your profile will display a blue check if Twitter accepts your application.


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