How to Use Google Voice On Your Computer Desktop

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A free internet phone service provided by Google is called Google Voice. For users with Google accounts, it offers voice and text messaging, call forwarding and voicemail capabilities.

Even though Google Voice is now a part of the wildly successful Google Hangouts, it still has plenty of appeal. It still has a devoted following of users who use it frequently for personal or professional reasons to phone and send SMS to contacts on the web. With the exception of a Chrome browser plugin, Google Voice’s primary roadblock is the absence of an official desktop client.

This means that if you want to receive messages or call alerts from your favorite contacts, you shouldn’t dismiss your Google Voice browser tab. Many people find this to be quite unpleasant and turn away. At the end of this post, we have produced a list of the top Google Voice desktop app clients.

But first, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of setting up and using Google Voice. Since this app is a part of Gmail, everyone with a Gmail account has access to it right away. Its additional features include call screening, conference calling, call forwarding, and voice transcription in addition to audio and video calls. Sadly, Google Voice is only accessible in the United States and Canada.

Requirements to Install Google Voice

You must have a Google account in order to utilize Google Voice. Visit the Google Voice homepage from your Google account and register there. You can choose a single phone number on Google Voice that friends, coworkers, and family can use to contact you. This one Google Voice number will ring all of your phone numbers at once if you have several. This makes it possible for you to use the most practical gadget to answer incoming calls.

If you want to make regular calls while protecting your privacy, invest in a dedicated headset with an integrated microphone.

Getting Set Up

Google will prompt you to choose your new Google Voice number after you’ve registered for a Google Voice account. People should dial this number to get in touch with your Google Voice account. It could be given to you based on your city or area code. Of course, you can skip this step for now, but until a Google Voice number is assigned, the account won’t be very useful.

You will then be asked to input a verification code delivered to the linked phone number after choosing it and linking your Google Voice account to an active phone number.

Add any extra phone numbers you wish Google Voice to forward to in the third step. In order to do this, configure your home phone, mobile phone, and office phone to ring at the same time as the Google Voice number. By selecting the settings tab, then the account tab, you can add a newly connected number at any moment.

You will soon after completing the account setup get a brief voicemail introducing you to Google Voice. You are now ready to proceed.

Top 3 Desktop Client Applications for Google Voice

The fact that Google Voice is reliable and has a strong signal that continues to function even if you change your network location makes it appealing. Additionally, it combines all of your phone numbers into a single one for your convenience. The absence of a desktop widget is the only significant drawback.

In order to make it even simpler for you to receive and manage your call alarms, voicemails, and SMS, here is a list of the best three desktop client programs that you can use with Google Voice.

1. GVNotifier

This robust desktop client application, designed especially for Windows users, enables you to send and receive SMS, listen to voicemail, and make calls to your contacts. You are immediately informed of any new voicemails, messages, or calls. It also supports voicemail transcription, audio replay, and a full log of all calls made or received.

2. Google Voice by Google

With the help of this Chrome extension, you may use the Chrome browser on your desktop to send and receive SMS messages, preview your inbox, and make calls to your Google Voice contacts. You are notified of any incoming communications by the extension, which appears as a button on the browser’s toolbar.

3. Google Voice for Business

The success of a company enterprise depends on effective communication inside the firm. Google Voice offers practical tools to aid in keeping business owners connected and organized. Visit this website to learn more about its features. Google Voice Business plans range in price from $10 to $24 per month.




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