Farm Settlement: Definition, Concepts, Merits & Demerits

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What is Farm Settlement?

Farm settlement is another type of farming which was practised by some governments in many countries. The farm settlement has a dual objective of increasing food production and providing gainful employment for the settlers.

Farm Settlement
Farm Settlement

The government normally acquires the farm site, prepares the site and shares the land into appropriate sizes for the settlers. The government normally provides the farm-house together with necessary infrastructural facilities for the settlers.

Apart from the general supervision by government extension workers, each settler is left to manage his own farm.

Advantages of Farm Settlement

  1. It may help in solving unemployment problems.
  2. It may increase the output of food crops.
  3. It may encourage and promote farm entrepreneurship.
  4. It may help in the spread of modern high yielding crops and farm technology.

Disadvantages of Farm Settlement

  1. Limited land and scale of operation.
  2. Limited capital.
  3. Unnecessary interference by the extension service officers.
  4. Little or no commitment on the part of the settlers.
  5. Bankruptcy resulting from poor financial and general management.
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