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This article discusses how to alter the language on Facebook and how to reverse any changes. Any online browser, as well as Android and iOS apps, can use the instructions.

Picking a Different Language to Use on Facebook

The language in which Facebook displays content can be changed with ease. Enter your account settings directly.

  1. Select the arrow (Account) on the right side of the Facebook menu bar.
  2. Select Settings & Privacy.

  3. Choose Settings.

  4. Choose Language and Region in the left menu pane.

  5. In the Facebook language section, select Edit.

  6. Select the Show Facebook in this language drop-down menu, and choose a different language.

  7. Select Save Changes to apply the new language to Facebook.

Change Facebook Language on Android

Change the language from the menu button if you access Facebook on an Android smartphone, using the official app or a web browser.

Facebook Lite does not need to follow these guidelines.

  1. Tap the menu button.

  2. Scroll down to Settings & Privacy, and tap it to expand the menu.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. Tap Language & Region.

  5. Use the next screen settings to adjust various language settings, including for display and translation.

How to Change the Facebook Language on an iPhone

The Facebook app by default speaks the language set on your iPhone. This parameter can be altered, but only externally to the app. Go to Settings, then Facebook by scrolling down. After choosing a Language, select the desired language.

How to Undo a Facebook Language Change

Have you switched Facebook’s language to something you don’t understand? Even if you don’t understand any of the menus or settings, you can translate Facebook back into your favorite language.

To make things easier to read, one option is to run Facebook through a translation website, which would instantly convert the entire website to English. However, it’s not always effective and it’s not a long-term solution.

You can navigate Facebook regardless of language if you know where the appropriate buttons and options are located. An instance of Facebook in Brazilian Portuguese is seen below.

  1. Go to the Facebook language settings.
  2. In the Facebook language section, select Edit (it will be in the current language that you set).

  3. Select the Show Facebook in this language drop-down menu and find your language. Then, select Save Changes to save the change.


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