Difference Between Baptist and Lutheran

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Differences Between Baptist and Lutheran

Difference Between Baptist and Lutheran
Differences Between Baptism and Lutheranism

Main Differences: Lutheranism and Baptism

Lutheran and Baptist are two of the main subsections of Christianity that fall under the umbrella of one of the main divisions of this religion called Protestant.

Both sects are considered reformists since they demonstrated against the bad practices of the Church and tried to change them for a better one. Lutherans are the followers of the German friar Martin Luther who rose up against the bad practices and corrupt system of the Catholic churches.

In early 16 thcentury, the ninety-five thesis to reform the church led to schism resulting in the formation of the denomination named as the Lutheran Church. On the other hand, Baptists are the sect that believes that baptism is not for infants and is an activity that is for professing believers of Christianity.

Baptist and Lutheran (Comparison Chart)

Baptist Lutheran
Definition Baptism of rank only for professed believers. Followers of Martin Luther; he opposed bad activities in churches.
Baptism Professed believers (above a specific age). For infants.
Bread and wine Body and Blood. Body and Blood of Christ.

What is a Baptist?

The Baptist is the division or sect in Christianity that considers baptism (a sacred activity) to be for professing believers and not just for naming infants. A widespread misconception that prevails regarding their belief is that they are recognized as following the main division of Christianity, the Protestants, but they never proclaimed it.

The concept of God, community gathering and following the Holy Bible is quite similar in the case of Baptists than the other denominations in Christianity; the prominent difference into which it falls is due to dogmas and preaching methods.

There is even a contrast in the origin of the Baptist; one of the factions believes that the Baptists is the branch of the radical Anabaptist movement that arose in the 16th century.country. On the other hand, strong followers of baptism are of the opinion that a Baptist is from the age of Jesus Christ.

The trace that goes back to the history of the first Baptist Church says that it was located in Amsterdam in 1609. Christians of different denominations and divisions even follow Baptist doctrine. The Baptist concept revolves mainly around baptism, which is what is considered, the religious right.

Many people believe that baptism is unique to infants and essential for naming them, but Baptists believe it is only for professing believers. Baptists are an avid follower of the concept that salvation for Baptists is only through faith, apart from it, they recognize the supremacy of scripture far above the Pope.

What is Lutheran?

The Lutheran Church or its Lutheran followers abide by the theology of Martin Luther, which conforms to Lutheranism; one of the main branches of Protestant Christianity. The name of this denomination is based on Martin Luther, who summarized the doctrine to reform the churches.

He appeared with ninety-five theses in 1517 and tried to convince people through his literary work to express their support for reforming the churches. The sole reason behind his stance against the Roman Catholic Church was the malpractices and corruption that prevailed within the church systems.

The movement raised by Martin Luther led to a schism; two main factions were there; one was pro-Luther, and the other dominant faction was the believers of the Roman Catholic Church. The ruling faction kicked him out of the Church, which resulted in Pro-Luther forming the denomination called the Lutheran Church.

The sprinkled water performs the Baptism of Lutherans, and is but a means of grace and application. Lutherans symbolize the bread and wine at The Last Supper as the body and blood of Jesus. They also believe that saving people from sin is only by the grace of God (Sola Gratia), only through faith (Sola Fide).

Baptist vs. Lutheran: Differences

  • Lutherans are the main Protestant Christianity that follows the theology of Martin Luther and boycotted malpractices such as corruption within the church system. On the other hand, Baptists are the people who classify baptism for professed believers, and not for infants just by the process of naming.
  • Lutherans seek infant baptism and mark it as an activity of grace, while in Baptists, baptism is performed only on professed believers.
  • Both sects have a similar belief regarding God, the Holy Bible, and even communal gatherings.
  • The bread and wine are recognized as the symbolic representation of the body and blood at baptism. Contrary to this, blood and wine are the symbolic representation of the blood and body of Jesus Christ.
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