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AOL is one of the Verizon Media brands. It is a free platform for email, articles, and video news. AOL offers the same functionality as other web-based email systems, including the ability to send and receive emails, group mail into folders, etc. However, the limitless email storage makes AOL email special.

This implies that you don’t need to worry about storage and can save and keep your crucial data for as long as you like. The only email provider with limitless storage for members!

To help you concentrate on the emails that matter, AOL email also safeguards and filters spam communications, sending them to the trash.

This article outlines the step-by-step process for creating a new AOL Mail account, logging in, and downloading the AOL Mail mobile app. include additional AOL-related details that might be of interest to you.

AOL Mail Sign Up New Account Steps

  1. Visit the official AOL Mail website
  2. Carefully read and fill in the required information.

You must first input your full name (the first name comes before the last name) on the AOL Mail sign-up form before entering the email address you intend to establish.

Please be aware that your preferred email address might not always be available. In this case, you will either need to choose from the AOL email choices or keep attempting more desirable ones until you find one that is.

Make a secure password that only you can remember, and use it each time you wish to access your AOL email account (after creation is complete).

Next, please input your cell phone number. Your mobile phone number will be used by AOL to validate your new email address.

Next, choose your gender and birthdate. prior to selecting “Continue” below.

  1. Pass the test that “You’re not a robot”. Then click on the continue button.
  2. Confirm that your mobile phone number is correct before you proceed to click on the “Text me a verification code”. Your verification code should arrive by SMS after clicking on the link.

You should be aware that the code expires in one minute. Grab your phone quickly, and then check the SMS for the code. When you can’t meet up to enter the code for verification, always click “Resend code.”

Enter the code, then click on “Verify”.

  1. Now you should get a notification page telling you “Welcome to AOL”

To access the dashboard for your AOL Mail account, click the “Done” button.

You’ll be taken to another AOL where you can choose to speed up your computer, download a mobile app, etc. The “Mail icon/link” can be found at the top of the page, on the left-top-left.

The menus are set up on the side of the AOL email page, on the left. You can now begin sending and viewing any fresh emails that come in.

AOL Email Account Log In

Similar to how Yahoo Mail requires your username, AOL email address, or registered/verified mobile phone number for sign-in (check below to learn more about the AOL username, email address, and phone number).

Then click or tap the “Next” button.

Enter your password and click/tap the log-in button below.

You should be in your AOL email inbox.

That’s just the simple step of AOL sign-in both on mobile and Webpage (browser).

The final character of an AOL email address is always If your name was Mile Jobby and you chose to have your email address be [email protected], for instance, that is now your email address and anyone can send you emails at that address.

Username on AOL: Your username appears before For instance, if your email address was [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected], it would be implied that this information would also serve as your username (without the and without any spaces).

AOL Phone: Any phone number that wishes to be used to access an AOL account must first be validated. AOL sends you a code to validate your phone number when you first register for a new account with them. You can alter your phone number at any time, but AOL will not accept it for login, account retrieval, or password changes until you have validated it using the verification code that will be supplied.



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