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Yandex Mail Sign Up | Yandex Mail Login

Whether you want a personal email account or one for your business, the Yandex mail account platform is a viable option, as Yandex provides free email account registration.

This means that you won’t have to pay anything to register a Yandex email account. It’s basic, straightforward, and straightforward enough that anyone can do it with the help of the guide we’ve supplied below.

Yandex Mail allows you to schedule emails and receive reminders if you do not receive a response. It also provides a lot of storage space for your emails, as well as POP and IMAP access to Yandex Mail.

The email platform also makes it very easy to find related emails by thread and contact.

Steps To Create Yandex Mail Account

To set up a new Yandex mail account, follow the steps below;

1. Launch your device browser.

2. Go to Yandex’s official website page.

3. Click on “Create Account”

4. Fill in the registration form by providing the following details;

  • Enter your First Name
  • Enter your Surname
  • Enter a login, which will be your Username or serve as your Yandex mail address.
  • Enter your password – to create a strong password, which has to contain the alphabet, numbers, and special characters.
  • Reenter your password below the box, to confirm the correctness of the password.
  • Enter your mobile phone number. Ensure you have entered a correct and valid phone number, as this will be used to verify your account. It is also helpful in the recovery of your password should you ever forget it.
  • Click on “Send Code” to get a confirmation code from Yandex.
  • Enter the confirmation code in the appropriate box required.

5. Click on “Register” to complete your Yandex Mail account registration. Now you are ready to start using your new Yandex email account, such that you can now send and receive emails from others.

If you already have a Yandex account but find it difficult to access it during Yandex login, the following recommendations may be useful.

How to Login to Yandex Mail Account.

We’ll show you how to get into your Yandex mail account as long as you remember your login username and password. It is basic and straightforward.

Simply follow this simple guide;

1. Go to the Yandex mail page site.

2. Enter your Username.

3. Enter your Password

4. Click on “Log In”. This will automatically take you to your Yandex email account.

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