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How to Easily Reset XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT Password Recovery

Some customers experience difficulties logging into their XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT. Since this account is not frequently used, many customers frequently forget their Xiaomi Mi Account’s login or password. We’ll make an effort to provide simple solutions for recovering a lost Xiaomi MI Account.

What is XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT used for, on Android or other devices ?

To offer more services, Xiaomi is trying to build up its own user base. From the XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT, we may access several key functions, some of which include:

  • MI ACCOUNT for Xiaomi Cloud, backup/restore and synchronize our data on our Android smartphone.
  • MI ACCOUNT for recovery our forgotten security protection or bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) after our Xiaomi phone finish performing a hard reset or master format or restoring to factory default.
  • MI ACCOUNT for detecting our Xiaomi smartphone when lost or stolen.

How To Easily Create XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT?

We give two easy options for creating XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT :

  1. Create MI ACCOUNT directly from an Android smartphone. When we set up a new Xiaomi smartphone from the box, this phone will ask us to create MI ACCOUNT. We suggest creating our new account directly from these steps. Please note, these steps will ask to link with the recovery email or cellular phone number for recovery.
  2. Create MI ACCOUNT from Xiaomi Website. Please go to Xiaomi’s official website https://account.xiaomi.com

We can also connect our MI ACCOUNT to an existing Google or Facebook account.

How to Reset or Restore Forgot Password XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT?

As long as we have linked our MI ACCOUNT with our email or phone number, recovering a forgotten password is simple. There are similar steps for both the web and smartphones.

  • For Android smartphones, when this phone asks for Xiaomi account, find and click Forgot Password link
  • At any Internet browser, go to https://account.xiaomi.com/ to continue to find and click Forgot Password link
  • Next, we have to write down our recovery email or phone number when previously we created the XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT :
  • Xiaomi will give confirmation for account verification :
  • Follow all procedures after account verification and security questions to make sure we are human, not bot or robot. Then we can reset or bypass our XIAOMI MI ACCOUNT with a new password.


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