Why Can’t I Like Or Comment on Facebook

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Why Am I Blocked From Liking and Commenting on Facebook?

It’s possible that the user in question has blocked you if you are unable to like or comment on posts on Facebook; this is especially likely to be the case if the issue only affects one of your connections. Additionally, you should look for any browser-related problems that might be impairing Facebook’s functionality.

1. Blocking on Facebook

Facebook users have the ability to select who they want to add as friends and who they want to block. You won’t be able to like or comment on someone else’s content if they have blocked you (though it may still appear if other mutual friends have been tagged in it). If a user has blocked you, there is no way to contact them directly; your only choice is to wait and see if they unblock you later.

2. Browser Issues

It’s conceivable that your browser issue is having an impact on how you use Facebook. You may quickly check this by opening Facebook in a different browser. When attempting to like and comment on Facebook, make sure you are properly logged in. The newest version of your browser software, restarting your browser, clearing the data cache, and turning off any Facebook-related extensions can all assist in fixing the issue.




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