What is Interdisciplinary Studies? A Definition and Explanation

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What is Interdisciplinary Studies? Interdisciplinary studies programs are offered at almost all colleges and universities, but they are not always easy to find. Many schools list the various departments that make up their programs, such as English, history, sociology and psychology.

However, if you want to study interdisciplinary fields of study that cross multiple traditional fields of study, such as sociology and anthropology with biology or astronomy, you’ll need to dig a little deeper.

Interdisciplinary studies combines different topics in order to understand a problem better or solve a complex issue from different angles.

Interdisciplinary studies is broad enough to include many sub-fields: bioanthropology combines biology and anthropology; environmental chemistry combines chemistry and ecology; network theory combines computer science with communication theory; visual culture combines art history with media theories; medical anthropology combines medicine and anthropology; media ecology combines communications technologies with social sciences; urban geography combines geography with sociology; criminology blends criminology with philosophy.

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