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Do you frequently ask How can I recover my WeChat account if I’ve forgotten my password, don’t have QQ/email linked, and misplaced my phone? Are you one of those people that search for How To Recover My WeChat Forgotten Password Account Via SMS Code, E-mail, QQ ID, and Password?

One of our great followers also asked this question in response to our recent post/article concerning www.wechat.com Registration, Wechat Login, and Wechat Download.

How To Retrieve my WeChat Forgotten Password Account Via SMS code, E-mail, and QQ ID and password

What do I do if I forget my password? Here we will be showing you all you need to do and alternative options when it clouds not still work out

What do I do if I forget my password?

On the login page, click the tap “Forgot password“. Then Follow the instructions. you may still retrieve your password via:
1. SMS code
2. E-mail
3. QQ ID and password

If you still can’t retrieve your password, tap「Request password retrieval」on at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. Resetting your Wechat password is another solution for recovering your password. Simply read the directions and do what they say.

Retrieve your WeChat password via Reset WeChat Password

 If you have signed up with your QQ ID, please log in with your QQ ID and password directly.

· If you have signed up with your phone number, you can log in to WeChat on “Forgot password?”-> “Log in via SMS” on the WeChat login page.

Retrieve WeChat password via Reset password via email

To reset your password via email, click here. Please be aware that you may only reset your password using your email address if you have linked your WeChat ID to an email address.


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