11 Ways You Can Use A YouTube Studio To Increase Your Content Creativity

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When it comes to content creation, we think in terms of what we can create next. It’s always about the “what” and never about the “where.” Thinking about the kind of content that you want to create and how to do it is stressful enough, but when you also start looking for places where you can shoot your next video or blog post, that stress increases manifold. But why put yourself through that stress? Why not just use a YouTube studio? Youtubers use these all the time.

In fact, using a studio is probably easier than trying to find a new location every time you have an idea for a video or blog post. It’ll save you time and energy and will increase your creativity at the same time—because once you have access to the locations and props that you need all in one place, it opens up your ideas in ways that were not possible before.

Creativity is critical for any content creator. It’s what sparks new ideas and gives you the inspiration to keep creating. But it’s not always easy to find, which is why developing your creativity is important if you want to continue producing engaging content for your audience on a consistent basis.

Keeping your creativity flowing can seem like a challenge at times, but there are ways to do so that don’t feel like work. It doesn’t have to be an arduous task; in fact, keeping your creative juices flowing when making content can actually be fun! Here are 11 ways you can use a YouTube studio to increase your content creativity:

1. Record yourself talking about your content ideas

One great way to boost your creative flow is to record yourself talking about your content ideas. Often when we write down our ideas, we don’t allow our imaginations to run wild, which means we won’t have as many creative juices flowing when it comes to making the content itself.

If you record yourself talking through your ideas, you can engage your mind in the creative process while you’re still in the ideation phase. This will allow you to free your mind from the stress of having to come up with content ideas on the spot when you need to, leaving you able to be creative and focused on the task at hand.

2. Play games to boost your creativity

Games are a great way to bring your creativity to the forefront of your mind and boost your creative flow. You don’t have to spend hours playing games, but spending a little time playing games with a creative slant can get things flowing.

For example, a classic game like Tetris can help you stay focused on your work and clear your mind, while also using your creativity to create new shapes with the falling blocks. Alternatively, you can choose games that focus on your creativity, like the ever-popular Sims, which lets you create your own stories with the characters you create.

3. Doodle to help you think of new ideas

Many people don’t realize that doodling can be an amazing way to boost your creativity. Doodle while you’re on the phone or while you’re waiting for something, letting your mind wander and your creativity flow without putting pressure on yourself.

When you have a pen and a piece of paper in front of you, there isn’t much else you can focus on, letting your imagination run wild. Doodling can also be a great way to clear your mind before you start brainstorming ideas for your next video or blog post, allowing you to start with a clean slate and a fresh perspective.

4. Watch a show that inspires you

Another great way to boost your creativity is by watching a show that inspires you. While you should avoid reality TV, dramas and shows that are purely for entertainment are great for getting your creative juices flowing. Dramas that focus on stories and characters with a lot of heart and inspiration are the best choice for this.

You can also choose a documentary show focused on something you’re truly passionate about, such as wildlife conservation. Whatever show you choose, watching it with the sole purpose of boosting your creativity will help you focus on the content and generate new ideas. It’s a great way to start the process of unblocking your creativity.

5. Play with different editing tools and animation apps

Using different editing tools and animation apps can help get your creative juices flowing. You can search online for different video editing apps that you’ve never used before, giving yourself a new challenge to work through.

You can also use different types of software to create your graphics, and play around with different types of fonts to see which ones you like best. You can even turn one of your older videos into a new style, making it stand out from your others and giving your creativity a boost.

6. Take a walk or go to a coffee shop to refresh yourself

Taking a walk or going to a coffee shop to refresh yourself is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Being in an environment that is not focused on work or productivity can help you relax and let go of the stress holding you back from being creative.

Again, you want to stay away from places that are too distracting, but a nice walk or visit to a coffee shop can help you clear your mind and start your creative process from a fresh perspective.

7. Collaborate with friends or fellow creators

One great way to get your creative juices flowing is to collaborate with friends or fellow creators. You can either collaborate with people on the same topic as you, or on completely different topics to get a new view on your content and how you can improve.

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You can also collaborate with people on completely different topics, but with similar audiences to get a different viewpoint on your content and how your audience may react.

8. Record Video Of Your Voice (and see what resonates)

If you’re having trouble coming up with new topics or ideas for your next video, try recording yourself talking about possible topics and seeing what resonates. Once you’ve recorded yourself talking about your different topics, listen back and see which ones resonate with you the most. This can be an effective way to kickstart your creative process and start flowing with new ideas.

9. Hang Out With Friends

Hanging out with friends and fellow creators can be an amazing way to boost your creativity. Spending time around people with different points of view and creative approaches can give you new insights into your own content and how you can improve.

While hanging out, you can also brainstorm ideas with your friends. Brainstorming with other people can help get your creative juices flowing and get you excited about the work you’re doing while also helping you brainstorm new ideas and come up with new topics.

10. Watch Funny Videos

Watching funny videos is another great way to boost your creativity. Laughing at a funny video or even an episode of your favorite comedy show can help get your creative juices flowing. If you’re having trouble getting started with brainstorming ideas, watching a funny video can help you get started.

11. Read Inspiring Articles

Finally, reading inspiring articles is a great way to boost your creativity. You can choose articles from other creators or from books that inspire you, and read them to help inspire your own creativity. You can also read articles from websites like Medium that let you follow topics that interest you.

Keep in mind that these are just a few ways to boost your creativity. When it comes to keeping your creative juices flowing, there are no strict rules. Do whatever works for you to get your creative juices flowing.

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