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Follow this Text Now Account Registration Process to experience free, limitless direct texting from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. People use the Texting Free Test now Account because it provides them with a unique phone number, unlimited phone calls, free text messaging, picture messaging, and voicemail. Use Tablets and PCs to send messages and still have access to them on your phone and an unlimited amount of wallpaper, color themes, and ringtones to make your phone more interesting.
However, if you want to Sign Up for Textnow / Register for Textnow for free, you should know that it also offers premium subscription plans for smartphones that can be renewed at expiration by credit card, and this may be disabled when you LogIn Textnow Account. TextNow is available on all major smartphone platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS X.


  • TextNow is free no hidden charges, Download Free TextNow Apk, And offers dedicated phone numbers for Fast Message delivery and Personalized voicemail greeting.
  • TextNow Customize and personalize to suit as desired and as well as to Create your signature for messages.
  • Comes with an ad which you can remove via subscription if you don’t like it.
  • TextNow is Available on WEB, Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Mac OS X to Make free calls either with data or a Wi-Fi network. TextNow also supports Bluetooth for iPhone devices.


  • Login to TextNow Home page @ www.textnow.com.
  • Then Click on Sign Up.
  • Meanwhile, the Signup page will appear with an alternative TextNow Sign Up with Facebook.
  • Then proceed to Sign Up, Fill sign up the form appropriately.

1. Enter your first name and last name.

2.  Choose a username and password.

3.  Thereafter, fill in your email address.

4. Complete Captcha.

5. Click Sign up.

  • Follow the prompts appropriately to complete the signup.


You can log in to TextNow on all of your devices or at www.textnow.com using your registered TextNow account.


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