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Spotify Login

Do you have a Spotify account and are having trouble getting to the login page? You must sign in to your Spotify account in order to access your song collection if you have one. I’ll demonstrate how to log into your account in this article. Spotify is currently one of the most well-liked and effective services for streaming music and podcasts. The site offers millions of songs and tens of thousands of podcasts from different artists and content producers throughout the globe. The entire catalog of Spotify services, however, cannot be accessed without first logging into your account. But only the platform’s registered users are able to complete this process.

Because Spotify has made signing in to your account simpler for all of its users, the Spotify Login process is quick and easy. Now, you can access your account by using your email address, Facebook account, Apple ID, Google account, or mobile number. Regardless of whether you have a paid or free account, logging into Spotify remains the same. Additionally, the Spotify login process is identical for both regular platform users and artists or creators. You can access your Spotify account online, on the desktop or mobile apps, or through the Spotify app.

How to Login to your Spotify Free Account

As was already noted, the login process is quite straightforward and simple to complete. You will be able to stream and listen to music and podcasts from your favorite artists as soon as you can sign in to your account. You may make your own playlists, stream music endlessly, look up and explore new podcasts, and much more. In the interim, we’ll walk you through how to access your Spotify account on the official website. adhere to the instructions below;

Spotify Sign in with Facebook

  • Open your Web browser.
  • Visit the official website of Spotify @
  • Next, click on Continue with Facebook
  • Enter your Facebook Login Email address and Password
  • Finally, click on Login.

Login to Spotify with Apple

  • Launch your web browser
  • Go to the official website of Spotify @
  • Next, select Continue with Apple
  • Enter your Apple ID
  • Input your Apple Password
  • Click on Sign in

Spotify Log in with Google Account

  • Tap to open your device’s web browser
  • Visit the official website of Spotify
  • Tap on login at the homepage
  • Select sign-in with Google
  • Click on the Google account you used to sign up an account with Spotify
  • Tap on Login

Login to Spotify with a Phone Number

  • Open your device’s web browser
  • Visit the official website of Spotify
  • Tap on the login button on the homepage
  • Select Continue with phone number
  • Enter the mobile phone you use to sign up for an account with Spotify
  • A 6-digit code will be sent to your number
  • Enter the code
  • Tap on Sign in

Spotify Login with Email

  • From your device’s home screen, tap to open your web browser
  • Visit the official website of Spotify
  • Click on Login at the homepage
  • Scroll down and enter your Spotify Username or Email address
  • Enter your Password
  • Tap on the login button

You will immediately have access to your Spotify account, assuming your Login credentials are valid. So, before tapping on the Login button, double-check your login credentials. You may now start using Spotify to stream your preferred music and podcasts in addition to producing your own original content.

I can’t log in to my Spotify Account

You don’t need to worry if you are having trouble logging into your Spotify account or if you can’t remember your login password. You must go to the login page in order to reset your password.

Forget Password

  • Visit on your browser
  • Scroll down and select Forgot your password?
  • Enter your login email address or username
  • Confirm I’m not a robot
  • Next, click on Send.

Finally, you’ll get an email with a link to reset your password; click on it now. Once you’ve changed it, return to the login page and log in with your new password.


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