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Roqqu Wallet App

The greatest and simplest app to instantly purchase and sell cryptocurrency is the Roqqu App Download. The app is available for download on PC, Android, and iOS. Download it right away to benefit from how quickly cryptocurrency may be bought and sold.

Roqqu App

The quickest and simplest method to purchase, sell, and securely store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is through Roqqu. On our user-friendly app and web platform, you can do all of this. On their app, they have over 50 of the newest coins featured.

Features Of Roqqu App

  • Safety First

The majority of cryptocurrency—more than 98%—is safely held offline, while the remaining portion is safeguarded by top-tier internet security. The same stringent security requirements, such as multi-stage authentication and bank-level security, apply to your account as well. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can remotely block the app’s access or lock it with a passcode.

  • Instant Buy

You can quickly purchase Bitcoin and other other cryptocurrencies through the Roqqu using your credit or debit card. You simply need to deposit any amount in your local currency and then convert it to the desired crypt.

  • Fast Withdrawal To Your Bank Account

Roqqu allows you to easily withdraw to your local bank account. The withdrawal request is processed within 30 minutes including weekends.

  • Easily Sell And Spend

Roqqu allows you to easily sell your cryptocurrency anytime. You only need to enter the amount you wish to sell and choose your local currency. You can also pay for service using your crypto to merchants using Roqqu Business.

  • Supported Assets

Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), EOS, STEEM *Available in selected territories



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