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Microsoft Account Login | Outlook mail Sign In

Outlook email service is Hotmail’s new product name, and the web address is, a Microsoft Inc. powerhouse. Outlook is the new Hotmail, which means it is identical to Hotmail. This means that you can continue using your [email protected] email account to access Outlook email.

You can use the online Outlook Office apps that have been made available with your Outlook email login account. You can use the cloud storage facility with your Outlook email account, and you’ll get a free 15 GB of storage space. Microsoft’s Office365 is a premium email service aimed primarily at business users.

How To Go About Free Outlook Email Login

  1. Visit your web browser with a high-quality internet connection,
  2. Visit the official email login page by typing in in your browser’s address bar and tap the Enter key once.
  3. Once the page load, the email login form will open.
  4. Now kindly enter your Outlook email login details. (At the top empty field, enter your Outlook email ID or address like [email protected], and at the bottom empty field of the Outlook email login page, type in your Outlook password.
  5. Finally click on the ‘Sign In’ button at the bottom and you will be directed to your Outlook inbox.

Outlook Email Login safety Recommendation

If you don’t use your PC to access your Outlook email, these suggestions should be considered.

  • It’s recommended you uncheck the small box next to the ‘Keep me signed in’ when logging in. (This will help ensure the safety of your Outlook email account login details.
  • Make sure you sign out of your Outlook email account once you are finished with whatsoever you are doing.

Features of Outlook Email account once logged In

The majority of our great followers have been inquiring about what you can do with your Outlook Email account once you’ve logged in. Please see the final response below.

  • After logging in to your Outlook account, you can read emails, send replies or write and send out new emails.
  • You can upload media files like photos, videos, music, etc.
  • Since it is Outlook, You can also use your Microsoft windows live email the same way as it belongs to Microsoft.

Please note that if you prefer, you may always download the Outlook App from the email login page. If you use Office365, which is the commercial version, it is highly advised that you use the app.


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