Location Tagging on Instagram

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Get Started With Location Tagging on Instagram

The first step is to take a picture or record a video on Instagram (or upload one that already exists), then modify it as needed. As desired, crop, brighten, and add filters.

After everything is perfect, select Next (arrow) in the top-right corner to get to the caption and tagging page. Here, you can include a location.

Add to Photo Map

You should see an Add location menu option and suggested choices in the middle of the page where you enter all the information for your Instagram post.

Name This Location

A search bar and a list of nearby places will appear when you tap Add location.

The list of places is generated by your device’s GPS, and you can either select one of them or begin typing the name of a certain place in the search bar if you don’t see it in the list.

Tap the GPS arrow in the top-left corner of the screen if you don’t see a list of suggested locations nearby. By doing this, Instagram will update the list with local location information.

Add Caption/Tagging/Sharing Details

The location you choose should now be shown next to the menu choice for tagging products. Next touch Share after adding a caption, adding any necessary friend tags, and selecting the social media platforms you wish to share it on.

Look for the Location Tag

Once you’ve posted your image or video, you should be able to see the location directly above your post, just below your username. Also, your image or video will be tagged to the place as it is displayed on Instagram’s map if you hit the location name in your post.

Tap the Location to See Photos from Other Users

After you publish a photo or video with a location, you can tap it to see the Map page for that place and view more photos from other Instagram users who have also geotagged their images and videos. Every location you add to a photo or video functions as a live link.

Your image or video will move down the feed when more are added if you opt to view the Top or Most Recent postings instead. Feeds for places with a high visitor volume, such as tourist destinations, typically move rather quickly.

By turning off location permissions for Instagram before you publish a new post, you can disable the location-tagging function at any moment. To prevent Instagram from utilizing your location data, open Settings, go to Instagram > Location and then select Never.

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