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Instagram is a well-known social media site where every moment of your life is recorded and shared online, making it a convenient way to capture and share the world’s moments as well. can now be accessible by computer (PC), Android, and iPhone, according to a recent upgrade. Previously, you could only visit the site via your mobile smartphone, but it can now be accessed via computer (PC), Android, and iPhone.

From 2013 to 2015, you could only sign up for on your phone after downloading the Instagram mobile app. Now that things have changed, you can use your laptop to make an Instagram account and log in to it.

You can locate people and most celebrities on Instagram, where you can see their updates and live streaming videos. You want to stay up to date on the newest news from celebrities, business groups, and other people you follow or who follow you.

How To Create Instagram Account

The Sign Up Page is a simple page (similar to the Facebook join up page) where you can either sign up or sign in, depending on your motive, once you reach the main website, which lands you on the Instagram homepage. Instagram’s main website is So, here’s how to get started with your registration.

  1. Using your mobile phone and PC browser visit already you see the login and signup Instagram form
  2. Fill up the form (enter your name, email address, choose a Username and Password)
  3. Then click Sign Up
  4. Visit your email address and verify your Instagram Sign Up, registration
  5. Now you can log in back to your Instagram account, look around the page if you could find people you want to follow. Also, create your profile and upload your profile image so that people can know you when they see you on Instagram.

You may also sign up for a new Instagram account by logging in with your Facebook account.

How to Login to Instagram Account Using Computer and PC

  1. To log in visit
  2. The login page is already there. Now enter your username and password
  3. Click login


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