How To Timestamp a YouTube Video

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YouTube videos are frequently overly long but nonetheless packed with useful information. There are moments when you really want to share a quote from a video with the entire globe.

How may a YouTube video be linked at a specified time?

Timestamp a Youtube comment or your video description:

To create a timestamp link in your comment or video description

  • Go to the Youtube page and play the video up to the point which you want to create a link to
  • Pause the video at the point you want to timestamp
  • Type the time exactly as you see in the video player into the comment box or the video description field.

How to use a time link in a YouTube comment: Enter the timestamp precisely as it appears in the video player by typing it in.

By doing this, you may insert time links into your YouTube comments to take visitors farther into the video.

How to Link a YouTube Video at a Specific Time?

Now, how can you make a link to a certain section of a video to post on social media or to send via email? On a PC, it’s simple; on a phone, not so much.

How to Deep-Link to a Certain Time of a Video on a Desktop?

  • Play the video up to the part you want to link to and then pause it at the very moment you want to share
  • Right-click on the video
  • Select “Copy video URL at current time”

Alternatively, to share a YouTube video at a certain time:

  • Watch your video up to the part you want to link to
  • Click the “Share” link below the video
  • Check the box next to “Start at XX: XX” (your time here)
  • Copy the link and paste it so share it anywhere you want (including social media and emails)
You’ve finished! The video will begin exactly at the time indicated in the “Start at” line if you click this link.

How to Share a YouTube Video with a Timestamp on Mobile (iPhone or Android)?

  • Start watching a video in a mobile browser or on the Youtube app up to the place you want to share and take note of the time
  • Convert your timestamp into seconds, for example, 1 minute 5 seconds would be 65 seconds (Use Google Converter for that)
  • Click the “Share” icon overlaying the video player
  • Click “Copy link”
  • Double-tap (on iPhone) or tap-and-hold (on Android) on the field where you want to share the link and select “Paste”
  • Add your time in seconds at the end of the URL in the following format:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a simpler way to use a mobile device to deep-link to a specific section of the movie, but it is still possible.

How to Use Youtube Timestamps

There are many ways to take advantage of the time-stamping feature on Youtube:

  • Create video timestamps for transcription to point to the exact time you are subscribing
  • When posting a Youtube comment, link a time in a YouTube comment to show which part of the video you are commenting on.
  • When uploading a Youtube video, create a pinned comment with a detailed clickable table of contents on what you are discussing in the video. This will allow your Youtube viewers to jump right to the part they are most interested in and increase engagement with your video
  • When emailing or messaging a Youtube video link, deep-link to the time that got your attention
  • Save your social media followers’ time by deep-linking to the part where the action starts bypassing intros

How To Timestamp a YouTube Comment or Video NOW?

Under a YouTube comment or video description, you can add a clickable timestamp by doing the following:

  • Watch the video up until the time you want to link to
  • Pause the video and type the time exactly as you see inside the video player
  • Publish your comment and the timestamp will become clickable
  • Test your timestamp by clicking it (you should be sent directly to the part of the video you paused at when at step 2


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