How to Stop Facebook from Automatically Translating

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How to Stop Facebook from Automatically Translating

When Facebook starts translating comments and posts, don’t you just despise it? You might be able to read that language already or want to see the corresponding comment or post in its original form. Here’s a solution to that.

Steps to Stop Facebook from Translating Everything

  1. Click or tap the Facebook menu.
  2. Go to Settings & Privacy.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Translation for Posts.
  5. Select Languages you don’t want to be offered translations for.
  6. Enter the languages you don’t want to receive translations for and save the settings.
  7. Go to Languages you don’t want automatically translated.
  8. Select the respective language(s) and apply the changes

True to its claim, Facebook is a global social network with billions of users. However, the computerized translations are not very precise. If you already speak that language, they might actually irritate you. Because of this, it makes sense to disable the Facebook translator tool.

Don’t add that language to the list of languages you don’t want to be provided translations for and languages you don’t want to be automatically translated if you want Facebook to translate a post or comment from a language you don’t understand.

You can also just click the See Translation button, which is next to posts or comments.

Facebook’s translation choices are disabled if the See Translation button is absent for that language. Whenever you want, you may activate them in Settings Translations for posts.


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