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want to perform a Facebook post search by date. You can get a step-by-step tutorial on how to search Facebook posts by dates, such as day, month, or year, in this article.

One of the most widely used social networking sites, Facebook has more than 2.6 billion active users. Facebook has undergone several changes recently, providing you with the choice of a more contemporary interface in addition to the more traditional one.

Facebook has also been updating its tools for finding information on the social media platform, such as the option to search for posts by date, or from a specific page or group, friend, etc.

So let’s respond to the primary query.

How do you search specific posts on Facebook by date?

By entering the pertinent terms in the Facebook search field and selecting the Posts and Date (Year) filter, you can search for Facebook posts by date and have the results limited to those for that particular time frame.

However, it’s not as simple as it seems. There are some things to think about.

Let’s look into this in more detail-Step by Step

Before we start on the steps, there are some factors that impact the search options available to you on Facebook.

The key point to remember is that depending on whether you are visiting Facebook from a desktop or a mobile device, your ability to search for a Facebook post by date changes. It depends on whatever Facebook app you are using if you are using a mobile device.

You have more sophisticated search options using the Facebook Classic Interface on a desktop and the Facebook Lite App on a mobile device.

If you’re using Facebook on a desktop, click the Down arrow on the Home Page’s Right Side to go to the Facebook Classic Look. (Update: Facebook has removed the ability for the majority of users to switch to the Classic design. Therefore, this approach is no longer effective.)

The key point to remember is that depending on how you visit Facebook, you may not be able to search for a post by date. Only results up to a certain year can be filtered if you are using Facebook on a desktop computer. As opposed to the more specialized choices to filter farther up to month and year that the former Facebook Classic UI offered.

On the other hand, the Main Facebook App on a mobile device only lets you filter dates up to a year old. However, if you use the Facebook Lite App (which isn’t offered through the Apple App Store), you can limit the posts up to a particular day or a custom time period, such as between two dates.

In Short, a summary of “Search Posts By Date” drill down options on Facebook:


  • Facebook Desktop Classic Interface (no longer supported by Facebook)- Allowed to search posts for up to a month and a year
  • Facebook Desktop New Interface- Allows to search posts only up to a year


  • Facebook Lite App- Allows to search posts up to a custom date range i.e. between any two dates
  • Facebook Main App- Allows to search posts only up to a year

Therefore, if you want to do a very narrow search, such as up to a specific day, it is recommended to utilize Facebook Lite App. However, you can utilize Facebook Desktop with the Classic Look Option to filter only up to a month or year (again the Classic Look option may not work now)

Recent update: You may now search your own posts in the Facebook Main App by clicking the three dots next to your profile picture, which opens the “Profile Settings,” and then selecting “Manage Posts.” You have the option to filter postings on a specific day, however, it appears that this will only do so for posts that you have made (details are covered in Note 2 below)

With that knowledge in hand, let’s move on to the specific procedures.

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date

  • Tap on the search bar, run a search by typing relevant keywords for the post in Search Bar and press enter to run a universal search across Facebook
  • On the next screen, apart from search results, you get a bunch of tabs to narrow down your search results like Posts, Photographs, People, Videos, etc. Tap on the Posts tab and you will be able to see only posts in search results with a bunch of options to filter your results further.
  • Now you have specific filters to narrow down the search results like Recent Posts, Post you’ve seen, Date Posted, Posts From, Posted in Group, Tagged Location, and Date Posted. If you are using Facebook App on mobile, these options are displayed horizontally and on a laptop, it is displayed vertically.
  • Select Date Posted. Using this filter, you can filter on a particular year or select “Choose Date” to enter a custom date range e.g. between 2 dates. If you are using Facebook Lite App, it allows you even more specific options to select a particular date or custom time span between 2 dates

How to Search Facebook Posts by Date on Facebook Main App

  • : As mentioned earlier, you can use the same steps as mentioned in the section above i.e. Run a search using the search bar feature for keywords and then filter on “Posts”. After step 2, to get to the “Date Posted” option, tap on the filter symbol on Facebook Main App (See images below). However, Facebook Main App gives you options to filter only up to a Year and not on a particular date.
  • Recently Facebook Main App is giving you an option to filter Posts by going under the “Manage Posts” Section. However, this seems to work only for the posts created by you, although it gives options to select-Post by Anyone or Others. (See screenshots below)

So you can see that even while it is simple to do a search for posts organized by date, the ability to filter down depends on whether you are using Facebook Desktop or Mobile as well as the app that is being utilized. The gist is as follows:

  • Use Facebook Lite- to search for posts by date i.e. on a specific day or between 2 dates
  • Use Facebook Desktop (Classic Look)- to search for posts up to month and year
  • Use New Facebook Desktop or Facebook Normal App- to search posts if you only want to filter for up to a year

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