How To Reset Yahoo Mail Password

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Everyone has experienced needing to change their passwords for one of their various accounts. You may need to take action since your account may have been compromised and phishing emails sent to your contact list. However, it may have been years since you accessed the account, and it’s likely that you’ve forgotten the password by now. Resetting it is a hassle in either case. You may learn how to reset your Yahoo password by following this guide.

Change your Yahoo passwords with ease

Anyone who has used the internet for more than ten years is almost certain to have registered an account with Yahoo. With 225 million active users, Yahoo is the third-most-popular email provider, slightly behind Microsoft Outlook in second place and Gmail in first.

Let’s go over the steps involved in changing your password. Be warned that your Yahoo account is probably irrecoverable if it isn’t protected by a backup email address or phone number before we continue. You will now need to register and set up a new account.

Create unique passwords for each account when changing passwords; avoid using the same two or three passwords repeatedly. While it might be practical for you, a thief trying to access your internet accounts will also find it useful. Consider the mayhem that may result if the password you use for everything was discovered by the hacker. Use this advice to help you create strong passwords.

How to change Yahoo password on a desktop

Changing your Yahoo password on a desktop is a quick process. It only takes a few steps. Here they are:

  1. Sign in to the Yahoo Account security page.

  2. Click “Change password.”

  3. Enter a new password.

  4. Click “Continue.”

How to change Yahoo password on a mobile device

On a mobile device, changing a Yahoo password is a simple process. The procedures you must follow to update your Yahoo passwords are the same whether you use an Android or iOS device:

  1. Tap the “Menu” icon

  2. Select “Manage accounts.”

  3. Tap “Account info.”

  4. Select “Security settings.”

  5. Enter your security code.

  6. Select “Change password.”

  7. Tap “I would rather change my password.”

  8. Enter the new password and its confirmation, and tap “Continue.”

How to reset a forgotten Yahoo password

The method of changing a forgotten Yahoo password is much more involved. Your best chance of getting back into your Yahoo account is, nonetheless.

  1. Open up your browser and bring yourself to the login page. Enter your username. On the next screen, click on ”Forgotten password?”

  2. If you’re on top of your online accounts, you probably updated your security settings to include your phone number. You’ll now be prompted to trigger a code sent to that number. Click ”Yes, send me a code.”

  3. Your phone will receive a 6-digit code. Enter that code as soon as you can.

  4. Once you input that code, you will be asked to choose a new password. Don’t choose a password too similar to ones you’ve had before — Yahoo will ask you to keep it varied

  5. That was relatively painless, wasn’t it?

If an email address is your recovery option, the procedure is the same. Your recovery email will now have an 8-character code rather than a 6-digit one, which is the only difference. Let’s make sure you won’t need to reset your password once more now that you’re logged into your Yahoo account once more.

Learn about the additional security measures. Every time you log in to your Yahoo mail, you have the option of using two-step verification, which provides an extra degree of protection that is desperately required. Every time you wish to log back in, a code will be given to your phone, which you must enter.



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