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How to Play iMessage Games on iPhone With Contacts

You can play games with your contacts using the keyboard in the Messages app on your iPhone, in addition to sending ApplePay transactions and creating Memojis.

You may download a variety of iMessage games to play with your pals as long as your iPhone is updated to iOS 11 or higher (which it almost certainly will be, unless you’ve been putting off updates since 2017).

These straightforward games are made to be played sequentially. You go first, then you wait for your contact to go, and so on. Everything is done using iMessage messaging.

Here’s how to start playing.

How to play iMessage games on your iPhone

1. Open the Messages app on your phone and tap or search for the contact you want to play with.

2. Scroll through the options directly above your keyboard until you find the App Store icon. Tap it.

3. This will open a special version of the App Store that exclusively shows extensions for the iMessage app. Most of these are stickers, but if you scroll down, you’ll find a section titled “iMessage Games We Love.” Tap the “See All” button next to that title.

4. You’ll be presented with a full list of the games available for iMessage. Each one has its own page where you can check out pictures, videos, and other information about the game. Browse and find one you might like.

5. Once you find one that you want to download, tap the “Get” button next to its icon and download it like you would any other app.

6. Tap the “X” icon in the top-right corner to exit the App Store and return to the iMessage screen.

7. Below your keyboard, scroll through the icons until you find the game app you just downloaded. Tap it.

8. This will open a menu where you can customize the game you play with your contact. When you’ve selected the game type, it’ll be automatically loaded into your keyboard. as if you’re sending a photo.

9. Your game will say “Delivered” just like a regular message. Tap anywhere on the message to begin your round.

10. After you’ve completed your turn, you’ll have to wait for your friend to play.

11. Whenever your opponent is able to complete their turn, you’ll receive a new message from them with the game preview. Tap it open the game again to begin your next turn.

12. Play until the game is over. Some games (such as basketball) only have a few rounds, while others (such as chess) go on for much longer. When a game is over, you’ll have the option to tap “Play Again” from within the game, or your can send a new invitation in the same way you did before.

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