How to Make Folders on TikTok

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How to use TikTok Collections and make folders for organizing your favorite TikToks are covered in this post. The official TikTok apps on Android and iOS devices can be used using these procedures.

How Do I Create a Favorites Folder in TikTok?

On the TikTok applications and website, folders are referred to as Collections in official terminology. Anyone with a TikTok profile can set up a favorites folder. To use this function, no account is necessary.

  • Select Profile.

  • Select the bookmark or Favorites icon.

  • Your favorite TikTok videos are different than the ones you’ve liked. Do not select the Liked or the heart icon.

  • This screen shows all of your favorite TikTok videos in one place. Select Collections.

  • Select Create Collection or Create a new collection.

  • Type a name for your new collection folder.

  • Select Next.

  • Select the circle on a video to add it to your new TikTok collection folder.

  • Select Add Videos.

  • Your TikTok folder will be created and will include your selected videos. To add more TikToks to this collection, select Manage videos > Add videos and repeat the above two steps.

  • Select the Back icon in the top-left corner to return to the main Collections menu on your TikTok profile.

    How Do I Add Additional Folders to TikTok?

    It only takes a few seconds to add more Collection folders to TikTok, and it’s quite simple.

    • From the Collections tab on your TikTok profile, select Create new collection.
    • Type a name for your new TikTok collection folder.
    • Select Next.
    • Select the favorite videos you want to add to this new TikTok collection.
    • Select Add Videos.
    • Your new TikTok collection folder will now be created. Select the Back icon to return to the main Collections menu.
    • Select Create a new collection and repeat the above steps to add even more.

      Can You Create Folders on TikTok?

      On TikTok, you may create folders. Collections are folders that are located in the Collections tab on your TikTok profile.

      • TikTok collections are private. Collection folders are not displayed on TikTok profiles as they are intended for users to organize their own personal favorites.
      • TikTok collections are different than likes. Your liked TikTok videos are shown publicly on your profile although the option to make your likes private is also available.
      • You can create numerous collection folders. TikTok collections are a great tool for sorting all of your favorite videos into different categories.
      • TikTok collections can be edited. You can add and remove TikToks from collection folders at any time.

      How Do I Organize TikTok Videos?

      Although you may also attempt these other methods, making numerous TikTok collection folders is a terrific way to organize movies you see on the platform.

      • View your liked TikTok videos. Your liked videos can be viewed on your TikTok profile under the heart icon.
      • Save TikTok videos. You can save TikTok videos to your device and organize them by folder or file name.
      • Repost TikToks on another platform. Once you download a TikTok video, you can upload it to Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.
      • Bookmark your favorite TikToks. If you’re using TikTok without a TikTok account, you can save videos by using your browser’s bookmark feature.
      • Use Microsoft Edge’s collections. The Edge browser has a collections feature of its own that you can use to organize individual web pages.
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