How to Make a Picture Fit on Instagram

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How to upload a full picture to Instagram without cropping is covered in this article. The guidelines apply to both the iOS and Android versions of the Instagram app.

How to Make a Picture Fit on Instagram

Instagram automatically resizes posts to fit in your feed by cropping them to a 4:5 aspect ratio. It’s a good thing that the app provides a setting to crop your photos to fit the post-preview window.

  1. After choosing a photo to post, tap the gray Expand icon in the lower-left corner of the preview window. The entire picture will appear with a white border around it.

    Alternatively, pinch your fingers together on the image to zoom out and make it fit.

  2. Tap the right arrow to continue posting.

  3. This method usually works fine, but sometimes the image won’t look quite right. If you’re unsatisfied with the results, use a third-party app to resize your image before posting it.

The surrounding area of the photograph will be black rather than white if you use Instagram’s dark mode.

How to Resize a Post for Instagram

There are many free photo resizers available online, but Kapwing is the best option for Instagram photos because it allows you to add white space to make the image conform to the 4:5 ratio requirements.

  1. On your mobile device, go to and select Get Started.

  2. Choose 4:5.

  3. Tap Upload.

  4. Tap Click to Upload.

  5. Tap Files.

  6. Go to your photos app and choose the photo you want to resize.

  7. Make sure the image looks how you want it, then tap Export.

  8. Tap Export a JPEG.

  9. You’ll see a preview of the edited image. Scroll down the page for options.

A watermark will be applied to the photo’s edge by Kapwing. Create a white rectangle to hide the watermark using a free photo editing program.

  1. Tap Download File.

  2. Post the resized image on Instagram as usual.


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