How To Know You Are Dating a Narcissist

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In contrast to normal relationships, being with a narcissist frequently feels unique. This difference may initially feel completely ecstatic. You might think you’ve found the world’s most wonderful individual.

They seem to be paying close attention as you speak! Every chance they have, they laud you endlessly! They give you sweet fits and compliment you on how unique you are.

Particularly if you have a history of turbulent relationships in the past, it might feel overwhelming. Even if you could have transient worries about things getting too severe, you should try to control your negative thoughts. After all, feeling wanted is satisfying.

The following are some telltale symptoms that you’re dating a narcissist:

1 They Move Fast

People who make narcissists feel important and validated tend to attract them. They are accustomed to feeling abandoned at the same moment. Because of this, individuals frequently develop a mistrust of other people and develop paranoia about being harmed by others.

They are trying to “avoid” the prospect of being rejected or abandoned by moving quickly. They wish to secure their preferred lifestyle. When they have their sights set on anything, they will stop at nothing to make sure they have it.

2 They Promise You The World

Narcissists have grandiose ideas about their futures. They feel inherently entitled to receive whatever they want. Subsequently, they often project those visions onto their partners at first.

And so, they might make extraordinary claims about wanting to buy you a fancy car or house- even if they don’t have any cash. They might talk on and on about a promotion they’re just about to receive- even if they just started in a new position.

Finally, they will often use your own desires against you. For example, if they know you desperately want a baby, they will promise they’re ready to start trying just after you threaten to end the relationship.

3 They Gaslight You

You’re positive they promised to wash the laundry that morning. When you get home, it isn’t finished. You enquire to them about it. Their reaction? Never have I said that? I had meetings all morning, as you are aware. Why didn’t you simply handle it?

Sometimes, you might be convinced that they are lying. But when else? You might feel uncertain or perplexed. Were you dreaming, or what? Did you get it wrong?

Gaslighting is a common tactic used by narcissists to mislead their loved ones and keep a hold on power. Gaslighting frequently begins subtly, but it can build up over time.

You consequently experience insecurity. It frequently feels like you’re playing a huge guessing game since you never know what kind of mood your partner will be in.

4 They Can’t Tolerate Feedback

Narcissists enjoy challenging and criticizing other people. But what about incorporating the feedback they have provided? Disregard it. Any small act of hostility frequently sets off a big narcissistic fury.

Their egos are exceedingly fragile, despite the fact that they seem too arrogant. They consequently experience their own sense of inferiority as paralyzing. When other individuals notice their incompetence, extreme reactions like gaslighting or slander occur.

5 They Get Incredibly Jealous

The paradox of narcissism can be perplexing. Why, after all, would a person with such self-assurance be so envious of everyone else?

Narcissists cannot truly feel joyful for other people because they are unhappy with themselves. They place more emphasis on what others can offer them than anything else. Thus, even if the narcissist isn’t aware, other individuals also become a source of rivalry.

Because of this, narcissists frequently harbor the most incredible jealousy toward the ones they profess to love the most. This explains why they minimize other accomplishments and even undermine individuals’ efforts.

6 They Lack Authentic Empathy

Narcissists have a terrible time showing empathy. It’s challenging for them to relate to other people since they prioritize their needs over all else.

Although they can appear to be empathetic, their behavior is frequently deliberate and logical. For instance, it could appear as though they are simply giving you what you want to hear while reading from a script.


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