How To Give Hickeys

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Do you get tired of buying pricey gifts for your partner? Why don’t you try to provide her with a unique token of your love? Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, so couples everywhere are busy organizing surprises for their loved someone.

Attempting to make your sweetheart’s day special without breaking the bank is another option. Do you desire to learn how? Hey, hickeys are what we’re talking about! Ever pondered the best way to give someone a hickey? Read this post if you want to learn more about hickeys or if you just want to brush up on your hickey knowledge.

A fun fact
Male mammals are commonly observed nibbling around the necks of female mammals throughout the animal kingdom.

What Is A Hickey?

A crimson bruise is essentially what a hickey, love bite, or kiss mark is. Often, hickeys result in aggressively sucking on another person’s flesh. The initial, distinctly red color is brought on by leaky blood vessels. It eventually changes to purple, then to brown.

Why Do Lovers Give A Hickey?

Hickeys are typically used to designate territory or a loved one as well as to express passion. It can just be a heartfelt recollection of someone you adore. Keep in mind that hickeys are sexual marks, and people frequently assume you had a particularly passionate night the night before. Giving your significant other a hickey on less noticeable body parts is always a good idea. It will assist you in avoiding unwanted attention in your romantic life. Although hockey aren’t awful, they can draw unwanted attention during family, professional, or academic gatherings. Ask your partner to leave it in a more private and discrete location if you are unable to explain it or it makes you feel uncomfortable.

How To Give A Hickey?

Now that you know what a hickey is and why individuals give them to one another, you might want to learn the vital technique for bestowing that enduring mark of affection. To give a hickey in the best method, follow these steps:

  1. Begin with some kissing and smooching, before you explore that perfect spot for a hickey. Start with light kisses, before graduating to more intense ones. If your partner is enjoying the intimacy, she may be enthusiastic about getting a hickey.
  2. Choose the location well. As mentioned earlier, hickeys are meant to be intimate and not tacky symbols of affection for public display. Usually, neck areas are popular spots for giving a hickey, which is fine if your partner has long hair. You can also consider other spots like the crook of the elbow or the inner thigh.
  3. To give your partner a hickey, make an O with your lips and press them firmly on your partner’s skin. Seal your love with your lips and leave no room for air.
  4. Freely express your wild side by sucking hard enough to break capillaries. However, remember your partner should moan with pleasure and not pain. To give that perfect hickey, you need to keep sucking for 20-30 seconds.

If you and your companion want a darker bruise, you can go back to the same location and give another hickey.

Now that you are aware of what a hickey is and how to give the perfect hickey, consider the following reminders before you let go.

Keep in mind: no teeth! You don’t want to start out as a passionate lover and turn into a vampire, do you?

Try some if 30 seconds of sucking seem strange.

Keep in mind that saliva may interfere with your play of passion. Keep track of how much saliva you produce. You might just wreck your partner’s mood and your hickey by leaving a sticky stain on her inner thigh or neck.

The Right Way To Give A Hickey

Are you anxious about embarrassing your partner? Does it seem as though your brain is still processing what you have read? Be at ease—we can assist! Check out the infographic below to learn the proper technique for giving your lover a hickey as well as some warnings to remember to make the encounter even more enjoyable.

Hickeys are a wonderful method to express your lover how much you care and to remind them of your enthusiasm. Yet, in order to avoid unwanted attention from family and friends, these sexual marks should be left in private locations. Always avoid using your teeth and make sure the procedure does not appear rough. Before you choose to give your mate a hickey, carefully go through the preceding instructions. After you’re comfortable with your technique, shock them with your incredible pucker abilities!


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