How to Get a Facebook Live Stream Key

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How to Get a Facebook Live Stream Key

A stream key is required if you want to use OBS Studio, Streamlabs OBS, or Xsplit to broadcast live on Facebook. You can link your Facebook account with some streaming services, such as Restream Studio, to avoid having to obtain the stream key. But you’ll need to obtain a Facebook live stream key if you don’t want your streaming program to log into your Facebook account.
Visit Facebook Live Producer ( to obtain your live stream key. Using the dropdown option on the left sidebar, choose the profile, page, or group you want to stream to. Click the Use Stream Key button in the center of your screen after choosing your destination.
Your server URL and stream key are displayed in the Live Stream Setup box. Copying and pasting your stream key into your streaming application.

A few Facebook stream key security tips:

  • Your stream key is unique to you, so DO NOT share it with anyone, ever.
  • Each time you sign out of Facebook, your stream key changes. You can enable a persistent stream key to prevent this, but it’s far less secure.


Restream Studio can be used if you don’t want to hassle with obtaining a stream key at all in order to go live on Facebook. Restream only requires that you link your Facebook account, open the Restream Live Studio, and press the Go Live button. Your live feed will be instantly posted on Facebook Live after less than two minutes of work. Additionally, you don’t need a stream key to create additional channels to simultaneously push your live stream to Twitch, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


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