How to Download a YouTube Video to My Computer

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How to download or save a YouTube video to my computer

Only watching and viewing (streaming) videos and movies on YouTube is intended for users. A lot of people desire to download or save YouTube videos to their computer so they may view them later, view them on other devices, take screenshots or pictures of the videos, or alter them.

Direct video downloads from YouTube’s website are not permitted. To download a YouTube video, you must use a third-party service, download software, or subscribe to YouTube. Our suggestions for downloading and viewing YouTube videos on your computer are listed below.

Download a YouTube video using a website service

The majority of websites that allow users to download YouTube videos for free are no longer secure. These websites frequently cause your computer to download malware, either directly from the website service or through one of their affiliate websites.

Free YouTube video download websites have now permanently shut down (like, switched to malware-related advertisements, or used other dishonest business practices.

Owing to these factors, Computer Hope no longer offers advice for websites that offer free YouTube video downloads and does not advise using them.

We now advise using YouTube-dl, a screen recorder, or a YouTube Premium subscription as an alternative. The greatest options for keeping malware off of your computer are those listed above.

Download a YouTube video using youtube-dl

Using the free application youtube-dl is one of the finest ways to download a YouTube video—also it’s our preferred approach. It has the ability to download any YouTube video format, even the HD version, to your computer.

The use of youtube-dl, however, is a little more difficult and is intended for more seasoned and knowledgeable computer users. Youtube-dl uses the Terminal on macOS and Linux systems and the Windows command line on Windows systems.

Click the link below to get instructions on how to set up and use youtube-dl on your computer.

Saving a YouTube video using a screen recorder

Software applications known as screen recorders are created to operate on a computer, smartphone, or tablet and record whatever appears on the screen. These programs can be used to record a video, or parts of a video, in addition to your screen.

Download a YouTube video using YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a user-friendly service created for computer and mobile device users of any expertise level and offers another secure option for downloading YouTube videos.

With a monthly subscription to YouTube Premium, which costs $11.99, you may download as many videos as you like and watch them at any time without an internet connection. The YouTube Music app also allows you to listen to music when offline. YouTube Premium offers unlimited access to YouTube videos and music at a cost that is less expensive than other streaming services, much like other video streaming services.

Nevertheless, YouTube Premium only enables users to view videos from within the app, unlike youtube-dl. You can no longer access the videos offline until you rejoin to the Internet after 48 hours in your downloads library, which serves as proof that your YouTube Premium subscription is still active.

You can test out YouTube Premium for a month without paying for it, thanks to YouTube’s one-month free trial offer.




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