How To Delete Skout Account

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How To Delete Your Skout Account

You must send a request for account cancellation to customer care at [email protected] in order to delete your Skout account. Neither the mobile app nor the website allows you to deactivate your account. Skout, however, provides a simple method for deactivation. Please sign in to your Skout app on a mobile device and follow the instructions below to deactivate your Skout account. Your account will become dormant upon deactivation, but your profile will remain intact. Please be aware that deactivation is not a long-term fix.

Delete Skout – Android

  • Open the Skout app. Login to your account.
  • Tap the *three bars *on the top left\

  • Tap Settings

  • Tap deactivate account

  • Tap deactivate

    Please be aware that deactivating does not result in account deletion. However, Skout has the right to terminate your account if it has been inactive for 60 days. All you need to do to revive an account is log back in, and all of your account information will be recovered.

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