How to Delete Messages on Instagram

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How to Delete Messages on Instagram

On Instagram, you can delete entire conversations, but technically, you can’t delete individual messages.

Delete From Inside the Apps

Go to your messages, tap and hold (on Android) or tap and drag left (on iOS) on a discussion, then tap Delete to remove chat conversations from the Instagram app.

Delete Using the Instagram Website

On, open the conversation, select the Information (i) icon, then select Delete Chat.

When You Delete a Conversation on Instagram Does It Delete for the Other Person?

Only your end of the message is deleted when you delete it. You can unsend a message if you want to delete it for the recipient and yourself.

On Instagram, you can block a user if you don’t want to hear from them again.

How Do You Delete Instagram Messages on Both Sides?

Unsend the Instagram message to delete it for both the sender and the recipient. Open the chat conversation in the Instagram app, tap and hold the message, then select “Unsend message” to retract it.

Hover your mouse pointer over the message on, click the three dots that appear, and then choose Unsend. For each participant in the conversation, the message will vanish.


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