How To Delete GMX Email Account

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How to Permanently Delete GMX Email Account

Since its launch in 1997, GMX email has provided free email accounts to all users. Many customers see their service as among the best. However, if you are no longer utilizing your old GMX account that you set up decades ago, you should delete the account instead of just ceasing to use it. If some hackers manage to get their hands on your login information, they may use it against you if you leave your account idle.

So, here’s how to terminate your GMX email account forever.

  1. Login to your GMX email account and from the home interface click on My Account.
  2. On the “My Account” screen, click on the Delete Account icon or on the Delete Account link in the sidebar.
  3. It will display a final warning that deleting your GMX account will delete all of your data including email messages, contacts, and files permanently. There won’t be any way to recover it later. Click on Delete Account to continue.
  4. It will ask you to enter your GMX login password before deleting the account. Enter your login password and then click on the Delete Account button.
  5. You will now see a message that your GMX account has been deleted. After this, you will be forced to log out and now your GMX email credentials won’t work anymore.

One of the top email services available worldwide is GMX. They also offer iPhone and Android smartphone apps. A person should only delete their email accounts if they have too many (teenagers frequently create many accounts) and are no longer using them all. Additionally, they offer premium accounts with a ton more features and personalized email addresses. The maximum number of aliases per account is 10, and numerous accounts can be consolidated into one.

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