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How Do I Close My Account

A social network called Classmates connects former classmates and enables them to track long-lost acquaintances from elementary school through college and even high school sweethearts. In 1995, Randy Conrads invented it. Classmates can plan get-togethers, enroll in several schools, and submit photos and videos of their lives to share with the community. Whether you have a free or premium account, closing your Classmate account is simple.

Step 1

Join Classmates by logging in. Scroll up to the top of your page and click the “Help” link. Enter “Delete Account” in the search box under “Search” and then click “Search.” Click the “Canceling Your Membership” tab under “Search Results.”

Step 2

If you are a free member, cancel your membership. You should click the “Click Here” hyperlink under “Free Member.” Your account information and the justification for removing registration will be displayed on a page. Select the justification for your registration removal, and then click “Remove Registration.” To affirm your choice, click “Yes”.

Step 3

If you are a paying member, delete your account. By clicking the “Member Care Team” hyperlink under “Paid Member,” you can reach our “Member Care Team” with regards to your request. You will receive an email from a representative of Classmate with more instructions on how to terminate your account.


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